Sunday News Roundup (26th May-1st June 2014)

news roundup week 5

Here’s the next installment of “Sunday News Roundups”, this time from the 26th May to the 1st June. Enjoy reading the scoop on the latest news!

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Sentimental Saturdays: Video Stores

video stores

Who remembers video stores? You know, the stores that stock new release videos tapes (the ones that are clunky and take up heaps of space in your cabinet) and DVD’s? The ones where you travel to on a Friday night and hire movies for a few days (or a week) and you and a group of friends watch (or even binge-watch) movies from 6pm til the wee hours of the next morning?

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Left Behind – Official Movie Teaser Trailer


Though I am not really a super and intense reader of fiction and non fiction books (this fact is something I am not that proud of, and will have to change in the near future!) one book series that I did read was the apocalyptic and disaster themed 12 book series “Left Behind”, with plenty of sequels and prequels.

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Albums Releasing This Week (25th – 31st May 2014)

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Below is a list of the albums that are releasing this week, which ones are you thinking of purchasing? Which ones would make it to your favourite albums of 2014; which would you recommend to others? Let us know in the comments below.

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Newsboys – We Believe

newsboys- we believe

One of my favourite songs of all time, made famous by the Michael Tait fronted Newsboys, ironically wasn’t written by them (instead written by worship leader Travis Ryan and Matt Hooper of LIFE Worship). Recorded especially for both Restart and My Hope: Songs Inspired by the Message and Mission of Billy Graham; this is a song that is certain to be a classic Newsboys melody (in spite of them not writing it). Any fan of the Newsboys, or even any fan of Michael’s singing style, ought to check out the song- with the music videos of the melody shown below.

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TV Thursdays: Who Am I? (Orphan Black, Continuum and Person Of Interest)




I have always loved TV shows that make us think about how we treat society and our actions, and confront us to take a deeper glance within ourselves, seeing if our actions align with our words and our beliefs. It’s these type of shows that can transcend the test for time because of their enduring and universal messages applicable to every person around the world, regardless of culture, religion, morals and other values.

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