WOW HITS 2016: What’s Your Prediction (Part 1)?

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It’s time to put your thinking caps on everyone! It’s about 6 months until the WOW Hits 2016 list is revealed (via email, and a little longer on social media), and about 6 months since the list for WOW Hits 2015 was released. So while I will still write a site prediction list around the end of July, I’m proposing one now, just to hear your thoughts!

Note: the above picture is of the upcoming WOW Party Mix, and I included it as the WOW Hits 2016 cover hasn’t release yet!

The series of WOW Hits is an annual compilation is supposed to feature the ‘best of songs in Christian music in a current year’, but to me (and you can easily take a squiz at the WOW Hits lists on Wikipedia) the song choices of late have become slightly controversial. There are always more than 39 deserving songs for WOW Hits in any given year, and one song or two are bound to miss out every time, much to the disappointment of many, including myself. Most of the time before a list releases of what songs would be on a WOW Hits of any given year, fans of the compilation franchise have always made their ‘lists’ of what they would like to appear on a certain WOW disc, and this year I thought I would try it 6 months early!

A double disc CD boasting to be a collection of #1 radio hits in CCM is a bold prediction, and no doubt my list below is probably not even 50% correct- as some songs that will be on this year’s WOW probably haven’t been released yet, and some not even recorded or written yet. But we at 365 Days of Inspiring Media thought it would be fun to place in our own predictions (one now and one at the end of July) of the songs we think are worthy to be selected to be on this year’s ‘best’ compilation. This year WOW made some bold, surprising and welcome choices for the new compilation WOW Party Mix so maybe there’s hope for this year’s compilation to contain more ‘timely’ songs that last year’s offerings.

Check out our ideal WOW Hits 2015 list below (if it was being released now), and be sure to check out new predictions at the end of July. Sound off in the comments whether you agree with our selections. We will be reviewing WOW Hits 2015 in early August, when the track listing releases.

WOW Hits 2016 (365 Days Of Inspiring Media’s predictions as of early February 2015):


  1. Day One (Matthew West)
  2. He Knows My Name (Francesca Battistelli)
  3. Something Beautiful (Steven Curtis Chapman)
  4. Sovereign Over Us (Michael W. Smith)
  5. Laugh Out Loud (Jason Gray)
  6. On Fire (Sanctus Real)
  7. Broken Together (Casting Crowns)
  8. Hallelujah For The Cross (Newsboys)
  9. Greater (MercyMe)
  10. At The Cross (Chris Tomlin)
  11. Come As You Are (Crowder)
  12. Because He Lives (Matt Maher)
  13. I Am Not Alone (Kari Jobe)
  14. One More Step (Lindsay McCaul)
  15. Made New (Lincoln Brewster)
  16. From The Day (I Am They) (BONUS)
  17. Nothing Better (Jon Guerra) (BONUS)
  18. Glory (Phil Wickham) (BONUS DELUXE)
  19. No Turning Back (Brandon Heath) (BONUS DELUXE)
  20. Evidence [New Version] (Citizen Way) (BONUS DELUXE)


  1. Beyond Me (TobyMac)
  2. What We’re Here For (The Afters)
  3. Drops In The Ocean (Hawk Nelson)
  4. The Maker (Chris August)
  5. A Little Closer (Group 1 Crew)
  6. The One I’m Running To (7eventh Time Down)
  7. Shoulders (for KING & COUNTRY)
  8. Brother (Needtobreathe)
  9. For Those Who Can’t Speak (Tenth Avenue North)
  10. Who You Say You Are (About A Mile)
  11. Take the City (Everfound)
  12. Soul On Fire (Third Day)
  13. He Knows (Jeremy Camp)
  14. This Is Living (Hillsong Y&F)
  15. When We Come Alive (Switchfoot)
  16. Who I Am (Blanca) (BONUS)
  17. Heart Like You (Love & The Outcome) (BONUS DELUXE)
  18. Show Love (Family Force 5) (BONUS DELUXE)
  19. Love Was Stronger (Audio Adrenaline) (BONUS DELUXE)

Once again, let us know in the comments if you are excited for WOW Hits 2016 to release, and what you would put on the compilation if you were in charge of picking the songs. Enjoy reading the post, and happy speculating!

3 thoughts on “WOW HITS 2016: What’s Your Prediction (Part 1)?”

  1. I agree with most of these, although I would add “You Carry Me” or “Brave” by Moriah Peters (hopefully Brave…love that one. 😉 )

  2. I also feel that “WOW Hits” has changed from being the CD all about the “top Christian hits” to the CD all about the “most-overplayed Christian hits”. From what I’ve heard, back in the day “Breathe” by Rebecca St. James was apparently very popular (and probably very overplayed), and that was never on a WOW album for some odd reason…so…

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