Comment Policy

Comment Policy

  1. Readers have the option of commenting on posts via social media platforms such as Disqus, Twitter, Facebook, etc; or by registering on the site.
  2. Readers may post their comments subject to the Comment Policy set out herein.
  3. While healthy debate and thought provoking discussion is welcomed, comments that are derogatory and are ridiculing are not encouraged. These comments do not build people up, and directly opposes the vision and mission of the site. One should voice their opinions and viewpoints respectfully and with tact.
  4. Comments that are inconsistent with the vision and mission of the site, and/or are in breach of the Comment Policy may be deemed inappropriate in the sole opinion of the site administrator.  The site administrator reserves the right to deal with inappropriate comments as he sees fit, including but not limited to deleting such postsand/or blocking future posting . Examples of comments that may be deemed inappropriate include those that are
  • Not in compliance with any law
  • Not directly relevant to the topic at hand
  • Intentionally or unreasonably critical
  • Abusive, discriminating, derogatory, threatening, or offensive
  • Deliberately misleading, or trying to spread rumours or gossip about people that aren’t true or based on evidence.
  • Related to spam, or promoting goods/services that are unrelated to the site.
  1. The site and site administrator are not in any way liable for the comments made by users, as users own their comments. If a music artist, actor or author, or another person likes a particular comment so much that they want to put it in a press release for the album/TV show/movie/book; then they would need to obtain permission from the user who commented, as well as the site administrator.
  2. By commenting on this site, users have given the site administrator license to reproduce, store, use, transmit, publish and distribute these comments in any format that is suitable, including on social media, and on other blogs.

This comments policy is subject to change without notice and was last updated in April 2014.

If you have any questions you can contact Joshua Andre at

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