So…it’s been about a couple more months since the last WOW Hits 2018 prediction. Gee, doesn’t time fly, right? Anyway, during that time, there have been many radio singles that have come and gone, and some that have been on the airwaves for the longest time ever (in a good way!)

Even though we already made a predicted list 3 times already for WOW Hits 2018 (you can view them herehere and here!), there’s plenty of new songs that have been revealed over the past while, so without further ado, here’s my next stab at WOW Hits 2018, and stay tuned to the final WOW Hits 2018 predictions in mid July! Happy predicting!

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TOP TENs – Anticipated New Shows of forthcoming 2017/18 TV Season

Let’s face it, we all love a good TV show. And herein lies the problem. There’s only so many TV shows that last. And I mean really last, go the whole hog, like more than 5 seasons. Whether it’s because of low ratings, or just because, most TV shows never really move past 3-4 seasons, and quite often, it’s a shame, because a show would come along (a la Awake, Selfie, Smash, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Trophy Wife, to name a few), that is great quality-wise, yet somewhere along the line, the powers that be decided that enough was enough. Nevertheless, as each TV season rolls around, avid TV show fans, like myself, tend to speculate and rank new TV shows, based on trailers, log-lines, the actors in them, however you may rank your new TV shows, I’m pretty sure you rank them too.

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