BEST OF 2017- Final Part: Favourite EP’s, Songs and Albums of 2017

Yes, I know, I know. I’ve written all of these ‘best of’ lists before. But here me out. All of the past best of lists for 2017 (if you are to check them all here) were all done in parts (e.g.: best songs of the year were split into 4 parts, one for each quarter etc.). So this post, which will be the final ‘best of’ post relating to 2017, will compile all posts before, and will state our favourite albums, EPs and songs of 2017, this time encapsulating all the songs, EPs and albums that 2017 had to offer. There’ll be some honorable mentions that couldn’t fit into those lists,  and so without further ado, below are 365 Days of Inspiring Media’s favourite 15 EPs, 30 songs and 25 albums of 2017! What are yours? Let us know in the comments.

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If you can remember back about 6 months or so, I had the pleasure of unveiling my favourite 25 albums of January – June of 2017. And while I myself still haven’t reviewed everything that I wanted to in the year of 2017, I have since come to the conclusion, that 2017 was and is one of my favourite years in terms of music. And thus here we are in January 2018, as I am unveiling my favourite 30 albums of the back half of 2017. I have incorporated quotes/descriptions of my favourite 15 albums of July-December and the remaining 15 without quotes (because frankly, it could take too long for a reader to check out, and thus, the post could seem daunting and overwhelming to read), totaling 30 albums in the back half of the year that have stood out for me personally. And so without further ado, here below are my favourite albums of 2017 (second half). I will also do a post showing my favourite albums of 2017, period (thereby incorporating my favourite albums of the first half and second half of 2017 in one post. What are your favourite albums of 2017. Read on to check out mine!

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Like it or not, WOW Hits is pretty much the most talked about Christian album release each year. Every year around September/October, we see Capitol CMG, Word Label Group and Provident Label Group come together to release a compilation of that year’s most charted music. And thus we are into the year of 2018 (just in the first week of January) and what does this mean? That the date for WOW Hits 2019 is coming closer. And with new songs releasing as singles from artists both new and old coming out each week, we as a site thought it would be fitting to start off 2018 with a WOW Hits 2019 prediction (our first prediction of WOW Hits 2019, which we released at the end of October 2018, can be viewed here!). Below are 39 songs that are currently getting success (or some that I think could get success in the future) that I think are shoe-ins for WOW Hits 2019 if it was collated now. But who am I to think that this version is final? There’s another 6-7 months before the official list releases. And I’m sure by that time, artists like Chris Tomlin, Francesca Battistelli, for KING AND COUNTRY, Brandon Heath, Third Day, MercyMe, Matthew West and Newsboys (all of which are absent from this WOW Hits 2019 prediction) are sure to be included in the official WOW Hits 2019 track list…so I guess, this list that I’m about to unveil is far from perfect…but it’s very solid if the WOW compilation were to be made now. Thus, what I have said before still stands now- maybe not just one 2 disc compilation at the end of the year cataloging the year’s best in CCM? Maybe 2 volumes (each with 2 discs) per year? Without further ado, here below is 365 Days of Inspiring Media’s second track list prediction for WOW Hits 2019, slated to release sometime in September/October 2018!

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