TOP 10 ___: Top Ten Animated Disney Movies of YesterYear (1990s and 2000s)

With all the live action Disney remakes that have been in the pipeline for the last few years, you wonder if Disney has any original idea left. Sad to say, when I heard this week that Disney was planning for The Lion King remake, this time with live action (sort of how I reckon the Jungle Book was created, using a lot of CGI) instead of it being animated, I scratched my head. Why? The cartoon version was good, in fact, revolutionary for its time period. Is it because they always want to update the stories so that the kids of today can relate? Regardless of their motivations, live action reboots of original cartoon classics like Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, Pete’s Dragon and The Jungle Book have already been completed and others like Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, Mary Poppins Returns, Christopher Robin and The Lion King in the pipeline for a live action movie sometime in the future.

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Yes, as you can see from the title, I am a very much avid fan of CCM band Tenth Avenue North. Or rather, a fan of Mike Donehey’s devotional youtube messages about his songs that he has released on the internet throughout the years. In fact, Tenth Avenue North has to be one of the best bands that CCM offers to us at the moment- starting their career way back in 2008 when they signed to Reunion Records, the band delivered chart topping albums like Over and Underneath, The Light Meets the Dark, The Struggle, Cathedrals and more recently Followers. To say that Mike the lead singer has a way with words in how he imparts heartfelt and poignant truths to listeners is very much an understatement. And while I know that their latest album Followers can arguably be the quintet’s most emotive and encouraging yet, I can’t ignore where it all started. It was in 2009/10 when I started listening to the band and their music on a regular basis- safe to say that The Light Meets the Dark is a momentous album for me- with songs like “Healing Begins”, “You Are More”, “Strong Enough to Save”…it was then when I realised that Tenth Avenue North and their music was something special.

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