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Release Date: September 16th 2014

Reviewed by Joshua Andre

Boiling PointMore (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. More
  2. Brand New Day
  3. When You’ve Lost It All
  4. One Day
  5. Goodbye
  6. Stay With Me
  7. Put Your Hands Up
  8. Ordinary Girl
  9. Leave It All Behind
  10. Reason

Indie pop/rock band Boiling Point in my opinion was the find of 2014. A perfect blend of CCM, pop, rock and worship, lead singer Eric Bjorklund and his 3 friends Jon, Taylor and Scott have released More, as they deliver an album full of amazing catchy guitar hooks, enjoyable Holy Spirit filled moments, as well as inspiring lyrics encouraging us with our daily walk with Christ. Though not as high profile as some other pop/rock bands that are signed, this 10 track ball of fun has substance, and shouldn’t be dismissed because of the anonymity of the band (which I am certain will change in the future). In fact, I think you should all buy this album without question, or at least listen to a few songs. Guaranteed in a few years, this band will be signed and be the one talked on everyone’s lips. There’s just something about them that has me excited and Eric and co. should be very proud!

The first lead single of the album (also filmed as a music video) is “When You’ve Lost It All”. It’s a pretty morbid title, and one first thinks of the story of Job before listening, but the musical and the lyrics is anything but depressing like the title. First of all, the song is driven by light acoustic guitars, stirring gang vocals and moving synth, as Eric passionately inspire us to hold onto God and His promises when we have nothing left. A healing song that points out that God has never left us, the chorus is especially motivational, showing us the extent of God’s love. As Eric fervently cries out that ‘…He’s what’s left when you’ve lost it all, reaching out when you start to fall into pieces, He’s been the star that’s guiding you through the night, He’s still there when you hit the wall…’, there’s a sense of security that God is here, and that’s exactly why I love this song as it provides us with so much hope and optimism!

“One Day”, clocking in at just over 3 minutes, is the band’s next single and next music video, and on the surface could be a relationship type song. However lyrically the ambiguity works in the band’s favour, as many people can interpret the song in different ways. A little bit more musically aggressive with the guitar at the forefront, Eric’s vocals are as moving as always, and to me the subject matter of the song speaks about longing for heaven and yearning for the day when we will see Jesus again, as the chorus reiterates that ‘…one day, one day, I’ll see the world as it was meant to be one day, someday, someday, I’ll sing a song that never has to end…’. Although Eric could be singing about world peace or his earthy relationships around him without even actively meaning to sing about God, this explosive rocker hits all the right notes and has me moving my head and tapping my feet as this album highlights has me and I’m sure others thinking about the future.

Calling us to rise about our circumstances, and indirectly calling on Jesus to help us be stronger than our adversaries and adversities, the title track opener is an energetic high octane inspiring rocker led by vibrant guitars, carrying an old school Kutless vibe. Encouraging and motivational, Eric and the rest of the band give us a song to dance and move to, but more importantly, reassure us that our worth in this world is more than the temporary things in this world. By not explicitly stating that it is Jesus that makes our lives worth living, our interest is piqued, and no doubt this song as an opener will have even those not believing in Christ yet, talking! “Brand New Day” carries on with the same theme as the album opener, with Eric encouraging us and singing about everyday being a brand new day and that ‘…this is our time to make a new tomorrow, this is our call…can you hear the sounds of change?…’. Singing boldly and unashamedly across searing and intense musical instrument vying for our attention, Boiling Point have created a moving anthem and a call to action, reminding us to actively move into a new day where the past doesn’t matter, living in the reality that Jesus has wiped our past mistakes.

The moving and poignant acoustic guitar driven melancholy ballad “Goodbye” is where Eric reminisces tearfully and emotionally about the loss of a loved one, either through death or the falling away from Christianity, but also provides us hope that heaven is our home where we will meet Jesus and hopefully also meet those that we have lost in this world; while the bass guitar led rocker “Stay With Me” is another hopeful work of encouragement as Eric and co. reassure us that the lowest of all lows that we are feeling cannot compare with the joy that Christ will bring when he undoubtedly rescues us from our trials and tribulations. With Eric’s captivating vocals reminding me of Michael Barnes from RED; this out-of-the-box guitar led rocker is a highlight that caught me by surprise, in a good way. The band then continue to push musical boundaries as the album progresses. A fun, guitar led rocker about living in the moment and worshipping God for the gift of life (“Put Your Hands Up”) alludes to Hillsong and Planetshakers but with more ‘rock’ and guitar, which is a good thing, as we see the band’s worshipful side come out. While the last 3 songs on the album are probably the most poignant and emotional on the album, and also from Boiling Point’s whole career!

Inspired by a youtube video the band saw one day about a girl asking people if they think she’s beautiful or ugly, and the negative comments that flowed from that; “Ordinary Girl” speaks to the heart of young teenage girls, reminding them that they are beautiful in God’s eyes, that ‘…you are, you are, pretty when you don’t pretend, you are, you are, you are, you’re radiant in your own skin, you are, you are, you’re beautiful when you’re yourself; you’re beautiful like no one else…’. Brilliantly executed and led by exquisite guitar and keys, “Ordinary Girl” segues into another inspiring ‘story song’; the acoustic guitar mid tempo rocker “Leave It All Behind”. The penultimate track delves into the mind of a young teenage girl trying to fit in, and her plight in putting on a façade to gain respect and popularity. However Boiling Point encourage her to leave every issue and worry at Jesus’ feet, and He’ll sort it out. What an encouraging feat sure to make us feel blessed and worthy of God’s love for us.

The final song “Reason”, with the stirring keys in the forefront, has Eric prayerfully asking God to reveal more of Himself to him, as he asks God to ‘…help me find the reason, the meaning of this mystery, help me in this season of reason find a faith that can believe…’. It’s an odd thing to pray when we know that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, but I think this prayer is Eric recommitting his life to Jesus, or a yearning to be at peace when things in life don’t make sense. Something Job in the Old Testament would pray, Boiling Point have recorded a fitting album closer as we praise God and ask Him to reveal more of Himself to us so that we can fall deeper and deeper in love with Him!

As far as independent albums are concerned; Boiling Point’s new release is pretty good, in fact I would say it’s one of the most underrated albums of 2014, and the fact that it has plenty of inspiring material about Jesus is definitely a plus. With Eric and his friends reminding me of Kutless and Luminate; this is an album to listen to if you want a bit of ‘kick’ in your worship. Even if you don’t, I would say listen to the album. Guaranteed there will be something that you love from the album. So sit back, relax and let God minister to you through these 10 tracks!

3 songs to listen to: When You’ve Lost It All, Ordinary Girl, Leave It All Behind

Score: 4/5

RIYL: Luminate, Abandon, Newsboys, Audio Adrenaline, Kutless

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