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I recently had the privilege of interviewing Aussie CCM/worship artist Rebecca St. James (sister of Joel and Luke Smallbone, who comprise for KING & COUNTRY!), via email, as she unveils her comeback single “Battle Is The Lord’s” and her upcoming new project Dawn. We discussed the album, her hardest and easiest songs to write, and what life has been like back in the music spotlight. Check out the interview below, and be sure to check out Rebecca’s new single on Apple Music or Spotify.

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Hey everyone… guess what! Yep, it’s our third post of the best of 2020 series in one day! Definitely making up for lost time! Last time I wrote about our top 30 music videos of 2020 (January-June) and the time before that I wrote about our top 40 songs of 2020 (January-June). Now it’s time to delve into our top 20 albums of 2020 (January-June). Impacting and inspiring songs are special, but whole album near-masterpieces? They’re even more special!  So without further ado, let me present to you all our favourite 20 albums as a site for the past 6 months! So sit back, be inspired, and let these full length projects minister to you during this time of uncertainty!

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BEST OF 2019- PART 11: TOP 50 ALBUMS OF 2019

The time has come everyone. Even though we are more than 3 months late, I reckon Easter Sunday is the perfect time for us to reveal our 50 most inspiring albums of 2019- also especially since we all need our albums to help us get through this whole quarantine process. So… without further ado, here is our list of 50 albums which have inspired and encouraged us!

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