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Last year around this time, we delved into 20 2019 albums we never reviewed (due to life getting in the way), including albums from NF (The Search), Sarah Kroger (Bloom), and Tori Kelly (Inspired By True Events) to name a few. Now, the time has arrived for us to list 15 albums we never reviewed, which released in 2020. So…check out these 15 albums. Just because they weren’t reviewed, doesn’t mean that they can’t resonate with all of you. And… which albums did you wish we reviewed?

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BEST OF 2016- PART 3: TOP 30 SONGS OF 2016

It’s been about a month since my favourite 20 EPs of the year were posted on the site. Now towards the end of October, I figure it’s time to make my choices. Below are my favourite 30 songs of 2016. Obviously there are a whole lot more songs that sadly couldn’t be represented within my top 30, considering the amount of music that is released each week throughout the year. Yet hard choices were made. Feel free to comment below about what your favourite music of the year is. Below will be the song, as well as a lyric/audio slide/music video of it, so that you can listen along as well.

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