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We’re coming to the end of March, and it’s officially Easter time. So before we post any Easter themed blogs or reviews of Easter themed albums, it’s time for another instalment of the ‘Best of’ series. Last time we delved into our anticipated TV series and anticipated movies for 2018, and this time, we are going to reveal to you all which songs throughout the first 3 months of 2018 have impacted us greatly, made us jump up for joy in praise to Jesus, have tugged at our heart, and have encouraged us to tap our toes and just dance! So without further ado, here are 20 songs that are our most favourite of January-March 2018.

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TOP 10 ___: (10 original Christmas songs from 2016)

Welcome to the latest instalment of our most recent blog series Top Tens. Last time, we unveiled 10 Christmas albums from this year that we never reviewed, yet we planned to.

Now, on this new Top Tens post, we will delve into our favourite 10 original Christmas songs from 2016, from artists who released Christmas singles as opposed to Christmas albums. Check out these 10 inspiring holiday themed melodies- which is your favourite?

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BEST OF 2016- PART 3: TOP 30 SONGS OF 2016

It’s been about a month since my favourite 20 EPs of the year were posted on the site. Now towards the end of October, I figure it’s time to make my choices. Below are my favourite 30 songs of 2016. Obviously there are a whole lot more songs that sadly couldn’t be represented within my top 30, considering the amount of music that is released each week throughout the year. Yet hard choices were made. Feel free to comment below about what your favourite music of the year is. Below will be the song, as well as a lyric/audio slide/music video of it, so that you can listen along as well.

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BEST OF 2016- PART 2: TOP 20 EPs

While I know it’s only September, in just a few months time, the year will be over and then I would’ve needed to at least have a list at the ready, to have 1- whatever of songs, EP’s and albums that were my standouts throughout the year. So I started to think, and compose a list. In this special post, I will unveil my favourite 20 EP’s 2016 has to offer. While the year isn’t certainly over (3 months to go), most, if not all of these 20 EPs, are so impactful, that even if another EP were to release that I was fond of, it probably wouldn’t even be in my 20 anyway…then again, who knows (EP’s from last year that weren’t in my list were ones from Hannah Kerr and Hollyn, which upon hindsight, should’ve been included). Anyway, enough preamble. Here’s my top 20 EPs that have made a great impact on myself both spiritually as well as enjoyableness.

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Top 10 ___: Ten Artists Vying for the Coveted “BONUS SONG” Spot on WOW Hits 2017

Yes, I know that WOW Hits 2017 releases in September 2016 (5 months away), but it’s never too early to predict which artists will be highlighted on the new compilation album. Every year, 3 artists are highlighted that the executives and powers that be deem to be artists that have made a substantial impact in that current year in terms of radio hits and powerful songs. So in 2016, which 3 artists do you reckon will get the ‘green light’ to appear on the annual WOW Hits compilation in the BONUS category (not the 6 bonus deluxe edition tracks but the 3 on the standard edition)? Who knows, but below are 10 artists I believe will be in the running for such a honour come September 2016.

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