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BEST OF 2019- PART 12: TOP 20 EPS OF 2019

I’m very good at procrastinting, aren’t I? Anyway, the time has come everyone for another installment in this ‘Best Of 2019’ series. Even though we are more than 3 months late, I reckon today is the perfect time for us to reveal our 20 most inspiring EP’s of 2019- also especially since we all need our EP’s and albums to help us get through this whole quarantine process. So… without further ado, here is our list of 20 EP’s which have inspired and encouraged us!

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Is it December already? Seems like it. In about one and a half weeks, it’ll be Christmas time… so it’s time for a slew of ‘best of’ lists. But before we give our opinions on our favourite albums and EP’s of the year, as well as music videos for the second half of the year, it’s time for top 20 songs of the last quarter. So without further ado, here are 20 songs that are our most favourite of October-December 2018.

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TOP 10 ___: (Christmas Albums We Haven’t Reviewed)

On every top 10 post we have released on 365 Days of Inspiring Media (since I can remember), we have presented to you all a collection of 10 items (be it songs, artists, albums, etc.) that are to be celebrated for that particular week in question. On this particular Top Ten’s post however, as 2018 officially begins, I will delve into 10 Christmas albums from 2017 that we never reviewed, yet really wanted to, but didn’t because of time and work constraints. While we reviewed Christmas albums/EPs from Marc Martel, Planetshakers, Mallary Hope, For King and Country, TobyMac, Hannah Kerr, Point of Grace and Casting Crowns, and compilation albums WOW Christmas 2017 and the soundtrack of The Star, not to mention singles from Lucy Hale and David Dunn; there were several other reviews of Christmas albums that never eventuated, due to simply because both Josh and I became busy with work. Which albums did we want to review, has we had ample time? Check out these 10 albums below (complete with a projected rating and our favourite song from the album/EP)! Which album were you sad that we didn’t review?

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TOP 10 ___: (10 original Christmas songs from 2016)

Welcome to the latest instalment of our most recent blog series Top Tens. Last time, we unveiled 10 Christmas albums from this year that we never reviewed, yet we planned to.

Now, on this new Top Tens post, we will delve into our favourite 10 original Christmas songs from 2016, from artists who released Christmas singles as opposed to Christmas albums. Check out these 10 inspiring holiday themed melodies- which is your favourite?

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BEST OF 2016- PART 4: TOP 30 ALBUMS OF 2016

Another month (or so) gone, another best of post. Sounds about right? Yeah, I reckon so too. It is nearly towards the end of the year, and while during December, many movies are releasing just in time for Oscar period, albums tend to be winding down releases, in the Christian industry at least. So I guess it’s fair to say that my top 30 albums of 2016 probably won’t change between now and a month from now…if they do change, I’ll just amend it in the comments of this post. Now, without further ado, here’s my favourite 30 albums of 2016. May you have many happy hours listening to great music and enjoy the remainder of 2016.

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