BEST OF 2019- PART 12: TOP 20 EPS OF 2019

I’m very good at procrastinting, aren’t I? Anyway, the time has come everyone for another installment in this ‘Best Of 2019’ series. Even though we are more than 3 months late, I reckon today is the perfect time for us to reveal our 20 most inspiring EP’s of 2019- also especially since we all need our EP’s and albums to help us get through this whole quarantine process. So… without further ado, here is our list of 20 EP’s which have inspired and encouraged us!

1. Bigger Than I Thought (Sean Curran)

2. All Praise (Live) (Sean Curran)

3. Side A EP (For All Seasons)

4. Order EP (Jason Gray)

5. Honest EP (We are Messengers)

6. Live at the Wheelhouse (We the Kingdom)

7. Everything After (Chris August)

8. Listen More EP (Hannah Kerr)

9. Elle Limebear (EP) (Elle Limebear)

10. Faith & Wonder (Meredith Andrews)

11. Love Running Wild (Tasha Layton)

12. I Give Up (Laura Story)

13. Symphony EP (Switch)

14. Bye Sad Girl (Hollyn)

15. This Summer (Alessia Cara)

16. Victory (People of the Earth)

17. After Midnight EP (Elevation Worship)

18. Anticipation EP (Bryan and Katie Torwalt)

19. Unmoveable (Shae Wilbur)

20. Lighter Burden (Nathan Tasker)

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