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I don’t know what your stance is, on this conglomerate of a megachurch called Hillsong. Everyone would have their own opinion. Including me. People may feel like Hillsong have harmed the community and society in general more so than they have wanted, more so than the good that they profess they want to do, and so, Hillsong is a word that brings up a lot of guilt, shame, hurt, anger and disappointment in some people. Others may swear by it, declare that Hillsong in all its music and sermons, are the best they’ve heard and seen in years, and may only listen to Hillsong Music (Worship, UNITED and Y&F) and will only listen to Brian and Bobbie Houston preach, alongside their ministry team. Again others would also think of Hillsong as a decent worship band, but in the grand scheme of things, they may think of their sermons as being too structured and ‘religious’, too leaning on prosperity doctrine that they may still listen to music from Hillsong, but just listen to someone else for their sermon ‘fill’- besides there are many pastors and international speakers out there, from Louie Giglio, Andy Stanley, Francis Chan and Levi Lusko, to Ravi Zacharias, Brad Jones, Erwin McManus, Beth Moore, Christine Caine and Nick Vujicic, to name a few. And so herein, lies the point: that Hillsong in all its facets and nuances, in all its attempts to do right, and how at many times there’s been instances and occurrences where people may think they’re intentionally doing wrong; in all of that, Hillsong have continued to plough through, at least musically, to create a catalogue of musical albums across three different distinct outlets to create a worship ministry that has been delivering powerful songs and heartfelt melodies all the way from the start with songs like ‘Shout to the Lord’ and ‘The Power of Your Love’, to the most recent with ‘King of Kings’, ‘Good Grace’ and ‘Another in the Fire’. We may all have opinions as to their validity in society today, and whether they are truly as important, influential and impactful as what people also say as well. And regardless where we all stand on the ‘love for Hillsong’ spectrum, one thing cannot be denied- their songs nevertheless, have an emotion and heartfelt poignancy about them that, for me personally, rivals only that of Chris Tomlin and Casting Crowns, as they (Hillsong Worship, Hillsong UNITED and Hillsong Young & Free (Y&F)) give to us songs that can touch and move our spirits, especially in this time and place in the world today. Say all we want about Brian and his Hillsong ministry, but much of the discographies of these three incarnations of Hillsong, are touching people’s lives around the world. Just maybe, it’s only going to be a matter of time before the songs touch yours as well.


Top 50 ‘Christian’ songs sung by mainstream artists!

Happy Easter everyone. It’s been about a year since I last said ‘Happy Easter’ to you all, and to my friends and family; and been about 2 years since the last time before that. Gee how time flies! Well on a serious note, it’s that time of year where some of us religiously go back to church, even if we don’t believe in Jesus; and it’s also that time where probably all of us crank up the volume and listen to our favourite worship artist or album. Maybe some Chris Tomlin or Hillsong Worship; Meredith Andrews or Kari Jobel Phil Wickham or Crowder; even Leeland or All Sons and Daughters. There’s tons of worship music to choose from and plenty of songs that vividly describe Jesus’ death and resurrection, so that we can be more in tune with what Jesus actually went through all those years ago. And probably all of us at one point or another have done this- listened to worship music at greater intensity during this time in order to feel closer to Jesus. We’ve actually written two other blogs here and here that briefly touch upon some of the most impacting songs about the cross and the grave. But maybe you don’t want to listen to the same old worship songs year in and year out. Perhaps you want variety, and perhaps you’re not sure where to look. However, songs about Jesus that you probably never knew existed, are closer than you think.

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This is a special post. Normally when we post predictions, we have shared what we believe to be a likely list of songs to be included on WOW Hits albums, annual compilations released each year encompassing that particular year’s radio hits. And while we may never really get it all right, predictions can be very fun, especially figuring out which songs are ‘worthy’ of selection throughout the year. Now for this type of post- predictions for the Dove Awards. The Dove Awards are an annual ceremony honouring Christian music, recognising the outstanding achievements of songwriters, producers and songs within a window of time (usually a year). Established in 1969, the Dove Awards encompasses awards presented across a myriad of musical styles- from pop and rock, to worship and rap/hip hop. While my predicted list of nominees don’t show us all the full 40-something categories, I have decided to state my two cents worth on a fair few categories myself. While this list is merely a prediction, I reckon some of my category predictions (worship album of the year… or even movie of the year) are spot on. Feel free to comment below, about which albums/songs etc you think could be nominated for certain categories in the upcoming Dove Awards, hosted in October 2019. Enjoy reading below and happy predicting!



Around a year ago I released my predictive list of who I reckon would have been recognised at the 2017 Dove Awards. While many predictions were spot on, others were wayward, but like with any prediction, figuring out what are the biggest songs, albums and everything else within the year can be a big feat. And its obvious nominations will always favour some artists and bypass others. That’s just the nature of it. And so, you can see the official nominations and the winners of the 2017 Dove Awards on the official website. And right now, what is the time again? Yes, around this time last year we posted Dove Award 2017 predictions (not for every category, but for a handful), and so around this time in March 2018, we unveil a handful of Dove Award 2018 predictions. Yes, I’m sure some predictions of ours will be wide of the mark, but I’m sure others will be spot on…just not sure which will be which.


Message Mondays and Worship Wednesdays (Being Honest, Vulnerability and Worship)

Recently I’ve been listening and observing, interacting with people and coming to a conclusion. Whether this conclusion is completely baseless or actually really true is really a different post in and of itself. If you think what I am about to say is hogwash, then let me know in the comments. I hope to think that I am open to other people’s views…so, here goes. The human race doesn’t like to be honest with each other. There, I said it. Yes, even Christians can sometimes fall into the notion that to be honest is to unveil certain secrets and moments in our lives where we may or may not be judged if we unveil them to the world. Society sees honesty, sadly, as a form of weakness. To be honest, according to the world, is to unveil your true self. And then in doing so, to isolate yourself from everyone else who may think differently to you, or even behave or believe something different compared to what you champion or how you live on a daily basis. So what does that have to do with worship, and the whole idea of being honest not only during worship but in every moment of every day that we live, regardless of what people think of us?

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