Top 10 ___: Ten Artists Vying for the Coveted “BONUS SONG” Spot on WOW Hits 2017

Yes, I know that WOW Hits 2017 releases in September 2016 (5 months away), but it’s never too early to predict which artists will be highlighted on the new compilation album. Every year, 3 artists are highlighted that the executives and powers that be deem to be artists that have made a substantial impact in that current year in terms of radio hits and powerful songs. So in 2016, which 3 artists do you reckon will get the ‘green light’ to appear on the annual WOW Hits compilation in the BONUS category (not the 6 bonus deluxe edition tracks but the 3 on the standard edition)? Who knows, but below are 10 artists I believe will be in the running for such a honour come September 2016.

1. Consumed By Fire (Song- Lean on Me)

2. Hollyn (Song- Alone)

3. Hannah Kerr (Song- Undivided)

4. We are Messengers (Song- Everything Comes Alive)

5. Jordan Feliz (Song- ‘The River’ or ‘Never Too Far Gone’)

6. Urban Rescue (Song- Kaleidoscope)

7. John Tibbs (Song- Dead Man Walking)

8. V. Rose (Song- Love Shaped Heart)

9. Young Noah (Song- Long Way to Go)

10. Austin and Lindsey Adamec (Song- Walk on Waves)

There you have it- ten artists (and their respective songs) that I reckon have a decent shot of being on WOW Hits 2017 under the umbrella of “BONUS”. Which songs out of these 10 will be the frontrunners? Any artists (and songs) not from this group of ten that you reckon also have a shot of being included on WOW Hits 2017 come Septembertime? Let us know in the comments. Til next time.

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