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Message Mondays (Matthew West’s “Strong Enough”)

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strong enough

Admitting that you aren’t strong enough to last the day, week, hour or situation to your friends, family, and all the other people you care about can be a feat in and of itself. To be vulnerable to the point of sharing that we’re not ok, and that we need someone to be strong enough for both them and us; is something we all as humans need to realise is what should happen, every time we’re in the presence of people who do not judge, condemn or even despise. Because if Christ can forgive the inexcusable in us, surely when people admit to us their own shortcomings, all we can be is what Christ was for us- forgiving.

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Message Mondays (Here’s My Heart)


Showing someone your heart can be a scary thing. To have someone else in the world know you inside out, all your dreams, hopes, fears, circumstances, dashed memories and ultimate triumphs, everything within your innermost being; is something even I can’t necessarily fathom. Sure, sharing your heart with your spouse and your family is one thing but to actually talk to someone else (not related to you) and share everything about yourself and hope their reaction isn’t one of disdain or dismay can take courage from the person sharing. But there comes a point when you realise- sharing with friends and family is one thing- you can see the reaction on their faces and whether it is of approval or disappointment. Sharing your innermost thoughts with God, who indeed already knows what you’re thinking, feeling, and even believing; is on a whole other level entirely.

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