Message Mondays (Matthew West’s “Strong Enough”)

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strong enough

Admitting that you aren’t strong enough to last the day, week, hour or situation to your friends, family, and all the other people you care about can be a feat in and of itself. To be vulnerable to the point of sharing that we’re not ok, and that we need someone to be strong enough for both them and us; is something we all as humans need to realise is what should happen, every time we’re in the presence of people who do not judge, condemn or even despise. Because if Christ can forgive the inexcusable in us, surely when people admit to us their own shortcomings, all we can be is what Christ was for us- forgiving.

Not being strong and admitting that is freeing in a way. We don’t have to pretend to have it all together. We don’t have to believe ourselves that we need to be more that what we are. Because pretending to be strong when we’re not is something that’ll catch up with all of us like a house of cards falling down when the pressure becomes too great. As I continue on the theme of alluding to Matthew West songs, his famous melody aptly titled “Strong Enough” reminds us all that ‘…I know I’m not strong enough to be everything that I’m supposed to be…’, and to know that we’re ok with this admission because ‘…I can do all things, through Christ who strengthens me…’ Being able to rely not on ourselves but on the One who created us is nothing less than extraordinary and fulfilling.

Yet even though we believe that it is ok not to be strong enough, sometimes sharing our own faults and shortcomings can be a challenge, even if we understand, know, and even champion the idea that being vulnerable is great and freeing in the presence of the Lord. Because frankly, myself included, the idea of being open and honest, and baring of our souls, while great in theory, can often miss the effect in practice. What if he/she doesn’t like me if I share this part of myself? What if my parents look at me differently if I say this or that? There’s a million questions in everyone’s mind that often stop us from unveiling that we are in fact not strong enough and do need help, support and the like.

There’s a moment in time when we realise that the facades we all have been placing upon ourselves in order for everyone to not see how vulnerable and broken we really are, really need to come down. And it is always in the admitting where we find opening up to be the hardest. It is always in the first step from being a faker and pretender to being as real as we can truly be that we really find freedom. Because once we do admit we’re in fact not as strong as we would like others to see, or what we’d even like for ourselves; it is only then we can truly behave like someone in need of a Saviour, and really understand what it means for Christ to come and be the strength for us in our time of need.

I know this post isn’t as long as other Message Mondays posts I’ve written, and that’s ok. It doesn’t have to be. What really needs to be conveyed is that we don’t have to pretend anymore, that we’re cool, that we’re strong, when we’re in fact the opposite. God sees through pretending, and I’m sure people around us can sense when someone is a faker or not as well. Freedom comes from laying down everything we hold to our hearts, even the notion that we need to be strong for our friends and family, even if we, deep inside, want to do and express the exact opposite.

What fears, hopes, dreams, uncertainties, secrets, and things hidden do you think should be unveiled to the light for yourselves personally? As I end this post, let me ask you this question- who is it that you would like to share something deep, meaningful, and honest, that you think will help you and them better understand yourself as you realise you are in fact not strong enough to handle this life alone? Take the time to unveil something new and different to someone other than your family and close friends, and see what the results are in the near future. Let us know in the comments below. Til next time. And remember, we don’t have to be strong- Christ is strong for the both of us!

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