Throwback Tuesdays – Stellar Kart’s “Me And Jesus” and Audio Adrenaline’s “Hands And Feet”!

Audio-Adrenaline flashback


It’s time for another Throwback Tuesdays post, this time, in light of the new Audio Adrenaline 3.0 band (with Adam Agee as lead singer), I will be exploring some Stellar Kart songs and Audio Adrenaline songs).

This is a very short post, but what I will say is this. Even though the new Audio Adrenaline sounds like Stellar Kart (listen to “Love Was Stronger” and you’ll see what I mean!), that does not mean that the song isn’t good, and that song doesn’t discount the entire discography of Audio Adrenaline or Stellar Kart. The pop/rock and pop/punk bands respectively have been ministering to young and old for a while now, with their hearts on fire for Jesus! Personally I can’t wait to hear The Sound Of The Saints releasing in May this year, but just to whet your appetite, let’s watch these videos below.

“Me And Jesus” is as ballad-y as Stellar Kart have ever recorded, with the pop/CCM song speaking about how ‘…someone loves you, even if you don’t think so, don’t you know, you’ve got me and Jesus…’, as the melody is sung from a friend to another in their time of need. While the melody of “Hands And Feet” (yep, I know we’ve covered this song before on a previous Throwback Tuesdays post!) is a call to action, and an eye opener in terms of sharing the gospel with the poor, as Mark Stuart and co. earnestly remind us that we are God’s hands and feet, and that we’ll go where He send us ‘…and I’ll try, yeah I’ll try, to touch the world, like you touched my life, and I’ll find my way to be your hands…’.

What’s your opinion on these two videos and these two now ‘combined’ bands? While Stellar Kart is now on indefinite hiatus, Adam’s stint in Audio Adrenaline should be interesting. Are you going to check out their newest album? Let us know on the comments! What’s your favourite band and favourite song?

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