Top 10 ___: Top Ten Artists/bands Who Should Release A Comeback Album (even for a final album!)


Welcome to the latest instalment of our most recent blog series Top Tens, which is posting roughly every Sunday/Monday, Australian time (give or take a few days…sorry for the late upload this week!). Last time, we delved into 10 films releasing in 2015 that pique my interest which I intend to watch. This time, we will explore and take a look at 10 artists/bands that are inactive at the moment who I think should release a comeback album, and I am sure many of you will agree as well! Some of them even are releasing a new album soon!

So without any further ado, I will dive in, and list my choices and you can hopefully understand and appreciate why I can’t get enough of these artists’ songs, either because of the lyrics, music, or their sheer popularity amongst the public!



Year of hiatus- 2010

The British pop/rock band Delirious? is my favourite band, and though it’s hard to see them reuniting given that Martin Smith is recording his own solo albums and Stu G is a part of One Sonic Society, the band never actually called it quits, they just said they were taking a break. They recorded their last studio album in 2008 followed by 2 final live albums, so what do we all think about a hypothetical 3rd live album? Would be cool, right?



Year of hiatus- 2011

The quartet took an indefinite leave from touring after recording their new album On The Altar Of Love, and since then Marc Martel has been exploring a solo mainstream career. There has been no inkling of a reunion, however Marc and Jason sing so well in harmony; so why wouldn’t you want a new CD from these guys?

Rebecca St James


Year of hiatus- 2011

Rebecca St James, the elder sister of Joel and Luke Smallbone, who make up the duo for KING & COUNTRY, has been recording albums since 1991. Taking a break in 2005 to focus on acting and writing books, Rebecca returned in 2001 with a new praise and worship album, but since then, has been absent from social media with not an indication of what she is doing. Granted, she just had a baby in early 2014… An appearance on stage singing with for KING & COUNTRY has given me a glimmer of hope, and maybe 2015 is her year for a new album!

Nichole Nordeman

nichole nordeman

Year of hiatus- 2005

Almost 10 years between studio albums (because Nichole is releasing a new album this year, judging from pictures on social media!); however this hasn’t been 10 years of inactivity. Nichole wrote all the lyrics for every song on the epic 2011 album Music Inspired By The Story, and also co-wrote songs here and there on other artists’ songs. But she has never released another album, and I am certain this this coming album release will be one of my favourite albums of 2015!



Year of hiatus- 2006

ZOEgirl disbanded in 2006 after their 2005 album Room To Breathe as well as their greatest hits album, yet reunited in 2013 with the intention to record a lullaby album. Almost 2 years later and there is no word or update on when that is occurring, so I guess only God knows when, or if that is happening. Hopefully it’s soon…



Year of hiatus- 2012

3 years after their final album Love And War, Barlowgirl, consisting of sisters Alyssa, Lauren and Rebecca, took to UStream to formally announce their retirement from the band. Although I am unsure at what each of the three sisters are headed career wise, as they do not post that much on social media, a new album from the three sisters, while unlikely, would really be super cool and make my day!

Plus One

plus one

Year of hiatus- 2004

Plus One, a pure pop CCM band similar in style to what One Direction is now, broke up in 2004. I wasn’t really a fan of theirs, but last year a new single called “My All” surfaced online, and it really caught my attention, as the band promised new material coming soon. The ‘album’ the guys promised hasn’t arrived yet, maybe it’s in 2015?

Stacie Orrico


Year of hiatus- 2006

Having only recorded 3 albums (in 2000, 2003 and 2006) and having started when she was 12 years old; Stacie left music in 2006 after her label deal fell apart. Since then, she has been co-writing for other artists, as well as exploring acting and other avenues of interest that are not known. In 2013 she launched a Stage It show, but the elusive 4th album is still on that horizon. Wouldn’t it be great if it was in 2015?

Nate Sallie


Year of hiatus- 2006

Nate Sallie’s 2nd album released in 2006, and since then he has co-written for other artists, including Newboys and OBB. His website states that a third album is coming, and there have been demos in the past of brand new songs. So it’s coming soon, we just don’t know when.

Bethany Dillon


Year of hiatus- 2009

Bethany Dillon released Stop And Listen in 2009, and since then she took on the full time role of being a mother. Wife to one of the Shanes from Shane And Shane, it is not known whether a comeback is on the cards. But Bethany still is a great artist, and here’s hoping and praying that something new surfaces too!

Dc Talk


Year of hiatus- 2001

Yep, I know, this is my 11th artist. But, hey, it’s dc Talk! It’s been 20 years since Jesus Freak released in 14 years since the band broke up. 14 years of TobyMac, Michael Tait and Kevin Max doing their own thing and being successful at their craft! But the fans still keep wishing for a new album, and what’s more, all three are keen to reunite for… a new album, a new show? Not sure, but for something! With both Michael Tait and Kevin Max being guest vocalists on TobyMac’s new album releasing this year; could a dc Talk album be already in the works this year but just be kept under wraps? It could happen!

So there you have it, my top 10 (11 in this case) artists who I think should record a comeback album! So, what are your choices? Let me know so that we can compare and have a healthy discussion!

Til next time!

2 thoughts on “Top 10 ___: Top Ten Artists/bands Who Should Release A Comeback Album (even for a final album!)”

  1. Okay, here’s my list in no particular order:
    1. Nichole Nordeman
    2. Barlow Girl
    3. Bebo Norman
    4. Bethany Dillon
    5. Stacie Orrico
    6. Rachael Lampa – can someone let me know if she’s still singing? I know she was featured on Kevin Max’s Infinite song but is she ever going to release her own album?
    7. Brooke Fraser – Though she released an album last year in the mainstream industry, I’d love for her to come back to singing Christian music.
    8. Joy Williams – When I heard The Civil Wars was no more, I was glad hoping to hear Joy Williams sing Christian music again. Perhaps, I’m asking for too much. 🙂

  2. Here’s my choices:
    1. Avalon (of course. 😉 Apparently they’re still active, but their last album was released in 2009…?)
    2. ZOEgirl
    3. Jump5 (Personally I think that there’s never been any band like them since they disbanded. If they ever did a comeback album, though, I’d want it to be with all five members since one of them did leave. 😉 )
    4. Rebecca St. James

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