Throwback Tuesdays – Kerrie Roberts’ “Outcast”!

kerrie roberts

It’s time for Throwback Tuesdays. This week we are diving deep into a song from one my favourite female artists currently.

Kerrie Roberts burst on the scene with her hit single “No Matter What” in 2010 and ever since then, for the past 5 years to date, she has been recording many uplifting songs and sharing the love of Jesus with us. With soul/pop being her preferred music genre, Kerrie is no stranger to pushing the boundaries of CCM music, while still maintaining her signature sound, and that is exactly what the song “Outcast” from her debut album highlights to us.

Though it’s not exactly a ‘throwback’ if we look back only 5 years, the bouncy, celebratory, high octane rocker, led by the guitars, and shown as a music video below, showcases Kerrie’s powerful vocals and passion for Jesus perfectly. As the song speaks about standing up for what you believe in, and being an ‘outcast’ for Jesus, I am encouraged to look at my own life to see how I am reflecting Jesus to those around me who aren’t Christians or who need inspiration in their own walk with God.

Reminding me about the verse in Timothy where we are told that our age doesn’t have to define us and that we can do anything even if we are young, Kerrie reminds us through a gem of a song that being a Christian, though sometimes seeming to be unusual and uncool in a time of religious tolerance and freedom of expression and belief, is actually admirable and honouring to Jesus. As believers for Jesus we can show the world that ‘…I will stand my ground and be an outcast…’.

What do you think of the song and video? Check out Kerrie’s most recent single below as well- “The Broken Ones” recorded acoustically!

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