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Momentous Mondays: Most Influential Artists Of All Time – Where Are They Now: Week 1-20

So… here we are. Just over 3 years since our first post of the blog series that ultimately changed how we (Jon and myself) listen to music and how we understand how God chooses to speak to us through music. Since that day in February in 2019 when we wrote about a crazy idea about writing about influential artists and why we believe them to be influential; we’ve since been on a musical journey that at first, we believed to be probably foolish. But now we both realise that we wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. As Christians, the assumption is that mainstream music is ‘evil’. But after 150 blogs (100 blogs about influential artists of all time, and 50 blogs about up-and-coming artists), we’ve found that, to the contrary, God uses all types of music to inspire us, encourage us, comfort us, and help us in this thing called life. You may not agree with Jon’s and my list. But that’s ok. Because we all have our preferences, and on things like this, it’s not worth splitting hairs over. I mean, is ‘this list doesn’t have my favourite artist on here!’ the hill you want to die on? No? I thought so.

It’s been about 3 years since our first post, and other variations of that time frame since all of the other blog posts. And it’s been about a few weeks since our blog post about Robbie Williams. And as such, we thought it would be fitting to write about the 100 artists (and 50 up-and-coming artists!) again- but in a more of a snapshot setting. A ‘where are they now?’ post, sort of a reflection post, a look back at 20 artists at a time (or in the case of the up-and-coming artists- 10 at a time!); just to see where they are at, and to reaffirm that we believe they’re still influential. Sure, you can read about all these artists on Wikipedia- but there’s something about a collated post where you can read about 20 artists at once! So… do you want to be reminded of why we chose the artists we did? Read on and be amazed and inspired by what’s happening in the lives of Michael W. Smith, Avril Lavigne, Delta Goodrem, Josh Groban, Casting Crowns and others!

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BEST OF 2021- PART 1: TOP 50 SONGS OF 2021

Hey everyone… guess what! It’s the beginning of 2022… already! The past year of 2021 has been such an eventful and crazy year in and of itself! The Squid Game, Ted Lasso, Mare Of Easttown, Dopesick, Only Murders In The Building, Loki and Wandavision are the shows that have won all of the awards and critical acclaim; while Spiderman: No Way Home, King Richard, Don’t Look Up, Encanto, CODA, Power Of The Dog, James Bond: No Time To Die and Dune (amongst others) are the films that have wowed us all in any and every way possible. The world is still reeling becomes of the Omicron variant of Covid-19; and through all that, we’ve realised that it’s time for another Best of post. Over the year of 2021, there have been many songs that have touched our soul and have brought us healing and comfort. So let us dive back in through the past year- as we now let you all know our favourite songs of 2021. All 50 of them! So sit back, be inspired, and let these songs minister to you during this time of uncertainty! Let us remember that even though this upcoming year is uncertain, that music is constant, and that these songs can comfort, inspire and encourage as we navigate through life.

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U2 need no explanation or even introduction as to why they are included on my own 100 influential artists list. Or rather, they need no explanation as to why they should be included on any influential artist list- because, to be frank; this Irish band is one that everyone can unanimously agree upon, and quite deservingly so! For Bono, The Edge, Larry Mullen Jr and Adam Clayton are U2,  formed in the late 1970s, and are still active today. In fact, dare I say that this band is by far one of history’s most influential rock bands…ever? Like Michael Jackson was to pop, and Backstreet Boys was to boy bands, like Whitney Houston was to powerful female singers, and The Beatles and Elvis was to generally music in general, one can’t deny the impact U2 has had, not only to rock music, but also to music as a whole. For Bono and co. have created music that is honest, and though many of their music can seem a little too honest for what mainstream pop radio wants at the moment; what this band has uncovered long ago that still holds true today is this- that many people, young and old, rich and poor, people of many walks of life, and many different roads of faith, are yearning and wanting the same thing- to connect to a song on a soul level.


Top Ten Inspirational U2 Songs

Welcome to the latest instalment of our most recent blog series Top Tens. Last time, we unveiled our 15 most enjoyable Peter Hollens cover videos. This time, in honour of one of the Peter Hollens videos which was one of my favourites (Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For), and also because of U2’s new album The Joshua Tree (Super Deluxe) releasing this week; I reckon it’s time to reveal our top ten inspirational U2 songs!

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Sunday News Roundup (8th-12th September 2014)


I (Joshua) am going on a holiday for a few days, hence I’m posting this week’s roundup two days early. Next week’s roundup will be on Sundays as usual.

Here’s a special instalment of “Sunday News Roundup” (a post on Fridays- we can definitely surprise all of you!), this time from the 8th to the 12th September. Enjoy reading the scoop on the latest news!

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