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BEST OF 2015- PART 3: Top 30 Songs of 2015

It’s been about a month since my favourite 15 music videos of the year was posted on the site. Now at the end of October, I figure it’s time to make my choices. Below are my favourite 30 songs of 2015. Obviously there are a whole lot more songs that sadly couldn’t be represented within my top 30, considering the amount of music that is released each week throughout the year. Yet hard choices were made. Feel free to comment below about what your favourite music of the year is. Below will be the song, as well as a lyric/audio slide/music video of it, so that you can listen along as well.

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BEST OF 2015- Part 1: Top 10 EPs

I know it’s only September, but sooner or later, the year will be over and then I would’ve needed to at least have a list at the ready, to have 1- whatever of songs, EP’s and albums that were my standouts throughout the year. So I started to think, and compose a list. And Part 1 releases today! (don’t worry, the next part isn’t due for a few weeks…). In this special post, I will unveil my favourite 10 EP’s 2015 has to offer. While the year isn’t certainly over (3 months to go), most, if not all of these 10 EPs, are so great that even if another EP were to release that I was fond of, it probably wouldn’t even be in my 10 anyway…then again, who knows. Anyway, enough preamble. Here’s my top 10 EPs that have made a great impact on myself spiritually and in terms of enjoyableness.

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Albums Releasing this Fortnight (10th-23rd May 2015)

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Below is a list of the albums that are releasing this past fortnight; which albums are you thinking of listening to and purchasing? Which albums are you going to recommend to others and which would you bypass? Let us know in the comments below.

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Sunday News Roundup (20th April – 3rd March 2015)

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It’s time for another Sunday News Roundup, here’s the next instalment from the 20th April til the 3rd March 2015 (it’s a week or so late in posting, due to many circumstances and occurrences that I will be delving into a bit later on in another post…but better late than never, right?). Anyway, enjoy reading the scoop on the latest news, spanning over the past 2 weeks!

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