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Another few months later, another post. Last time I posted my Best-Of 2017 list, it was incorporating my favourite songs throughout the first three months of the year. Indeed I’ll post another favourite songs list in July (encompassing April – June) and again in September and December. Now in this best-of article, I have decided to reveal our Top 25 albums of the year thus far- from January – June 2017. Now we will also post our favourite albums of July – December in December, and then maybe do another post of the albums that didn’t make it in either list. Because frankly, there’s just too many albums that have released this year to have our favourite 25 for the whole year. There’s just too many! So without further ado, which albums throughout 2017 thus far that have impacted my life during these last 6 months? Read on to find out.

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Joshua Andre’s Best Of 2014 (Part 1: Albums)

MercyMe welcome to the new

It’s been about nearly two weeks into 2015, how is this year treating each of you?

So now that you’ve read Jon’s best of 2014 list of albums releasing in 2014, let’s dive into see what my choices are. I’ll admit, some of them are the same (we are brothers after all, and love similar kinds of music), but bear with me, cause some choices are different. Though it’s been a bit longer than I originally wanted to post about best albums, let me reveal this long awaited list without further ado. As I list my choices, hopefully you will hear why these albums are special. Hopefully you can be inspired and encouraged by them again and again as well!

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The 45th GMA Dove Awards Winners Analysis

dove awards

As I mentioned earlier in an analysis post about the nominations, the GMA Dove Awards is one of my most favourite time of the year in terms of Christian music, along with the announcing of the WOW Hits list, and the K-Love Fan Awards nominations. For those of who are not sure as to what the Dove Awards are, let me give you a quick run-down.

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