Selah – O The Blood EP

Curb Records

Release Date: March 25th 2016

Reviewed by Joshua Andre

SelahO The Blood EP (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. Oh the Blood (Radio Mix)
  2. More and More of You (Radio Mix)
  3. You Amaze Us (Radio Mix)
  4. Oh the Blood (Radio Mix Performance Track)
  5. Oh the Blood (Radio Mix Instrumental)

Having recorded many albums since 1999, vocal trio Selah have given us and unveiled many heartfelt melodies and soft piano pieces with the intention of ushering us into communion with Jesus. Songs like “I Look To You”, “You Raise Me Up”, “All My Praise”, “Bless The Broken Road”, “I Turn To You”, “You Deliver Me”, “I Will Sing Of My Redeemer”, “Wonderful, Merciful Saviour”, and “Hope Of The Broken World” all captivate and inspire us, giving us reason to praise God and celebrate our freedom in Him. Allan Hall, Todd Smith and Amy Perry each sing eloquently, powerfully and beautifully, praises to Jesus, as well as bringing to the fore words of encouragement and impact. Signed to Curb Records, Selah have now unveiled their brand new EP, titled O The Blood, featuring radio versions of three of their biggest hits from their 2014 album You Amaze Us. With You Amaze Us being a mixture of original vertical worship songs, covers and traditional well-known hymns, we are once again swept away in wonder and awe, as the Holy Spirit’s presence is evident on each of these three smash hits of the 14 song, 1 hour duration.

Immediately off the bat on this EP, we are introduced to the powerful and inspiring radio version of “O The Blood”. “O The Blood” is originally a slow paced piano only song (until the bridge where we hear more instruments joining in culminating in a epic crescendo led by guitar and a chilling choir), and also where Amy ardently outlines and sings about the death and resurrection of Jesus, and that ‘…what a sacrifice that saved my life, yes, the blood, it is my victory…’. Yet in this radio version, the tempo is quickened (from 5 and a half minutes to just under 4), as well as a full band being introduced from the get-go, bringing a new depth and perspective to the song. As Amy shines vocally, Selah transport us into a place where we can worship God without any inhibition; and this melody is quite fitting to be rerecorded as we praise Jesus’ name!

The worshipful piano and strings focussed (yet now guitar and keys prominent!) “More And More Of You” depicts a faithful and dedicated life of following Jesus no matter the cost, and a prayer of gratitude and thanks, where we earnestly and honestly cry out ‘…Holy Spirit, give us revelation, healing visitation, nothing else will do…’, as Todd fervently shows off his brilliant vocal abilities; while the final representative from You Amaze Us is in fact “You Amaze Us”! One of my favourite original songs from 2014 by any CCM/worship artist, the song is a timely reminder of God’s faithfulness, and is about hope, comfort and security in Jesus- that He is with us and that He will never leave us, as He guides us through our situations, and circumstances. To me, the words of the pre-chorus ‘…when our world is shaken, when our hope is broken, still you are God of all…’ and later on in the bridge ‘…all the glory and honor belongs to You…’ depict what the album is about, thankfulness to God because of his faithfulness and that He keeps His promises. While the radio version doesn’t really differ from the original album version, what we are presented with- an earnest vivid account of how much God has amazed and will continue to amaze us; is well worth another listen, from such a talented band! Well done Todd, Amy and Allan, this EP, a mini-taster for those who haven’t heard You Amaze Us yet; is sure to be a favourite of my come the year’s end!

Releasing their first album in 3 years (well worth the wait!), and now waiting a year and a half for a follow-up EP, Selah seem to be more than filling part of the void left by Avalon, another vocal group who have been absent from recording for the past 5 years, and have also reminded me that while the gap between albums is large, their heart for Jesus and passion and honesty evident on every track more than makes up for the wait. Though I would suggest you all listen to You Amaze Us before this EP, or maybe hand in hand. Anyway, this EP adds more instruments and musical layers to the piano, probably so to capture listeners of different tastes and genres, yet is nevertheless vintage Selah. Truly, there isn’t one bad thing to say about this EP, so just take a listen everyone! You may find yourself surprised at how much you enjoy the EP, as you sing along with Selah praises to God. Well done guys, I can’t wait til your next album, whenever it releases!

3 songs to listen to: All of them!

Score: 4/5

RIYL: Natalie Grant, Michael W Smith, Avalon, Jason Crabb, Bebo Norman

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