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I recently had the privilege of interviewing pop/worship artist We are Messengers via email as they release their first self titled album on April 22nd. We discussed the album, what lead singer Darren Mulligan wants listeners to hear and obtain when enjoying the collection of 14 songs. Check out the interview below, and be sure to check out the new album on iTunes or stream it on Spotify come Friday.

  1. What has God taught you throughout the recording process and what has been the one take home message that listeners can gain from the album?

God has taught us that when we rely on Him and when we are obedient to Him that He will keep us close and see us through pain, sorrow, joy and the full remit of human experience and feeling with a palpable sense of His goodness and unfailing love. We hope listeners will catch a glimpse of who God is and realise that in Jesus there is hope for today and tomorrow.

  1. For the readers who are not yet aware of your style or your message, how would you describe your music in a few sentences? How did the band We Are Messengers come about?

My wife and I were radically changed when we fell in love with Christ about nine years ago. We started telling people about Jesus, singing about His great love and loving His people as best we can. Our music is honest, visceral and filled with the good news of Jesus Christ.

  1. The lead single on this album is “Everything Comes Alive”, which is a straight CCM/pop melody about how God’s presence in our lives makes it worth living, that our lives are brighter, much more interesting, and worthwhile when God is in it. What does the single mean to you personally, and what do you hope listeners will gain from hearing the first single?

This was literally the second song I had written while in America. It is based on Ephesians 2 where God reminds us of His great love and mercy, which reached down when we were dead in our sin. In Christ, we put our old selves to death, and everything comes alive through His resurrection and victory over sin and the grave. I love the joyful heart of this track.

  1. Which song has made the most impact to your personally and to listeners? If there is one thing that your music has been ministering to yourself over the years, what has it been?

People have really connected with songs like “Everything Comes Alive” and “I Don’t Have the Answers.” These remind us of the great redemption that Christ is working in all our lives and of His sufficiency. His redemptive plan takes us through things that can be almost unbearable, but there is a great release of pressure when we realise that it is not our job to fix our lives or the lives of others. Jesus has the answers. Our role is to stay with people and love them, regardless of whatever season they find themselves in.

  1. What has been the overall highlight of the whole process of making the new album?

I have loved writing process and hearing the songs come to life from bare-bone arrangements. The highlight has been hearing the stories of how God has been using these songs to set people free, heal, save and restore. I am amazed that God chooses to use anything that I have touched, but He is wonderfully faithful, and it is an honour to play a small part in His great work.

  1. Were there any difficult songs to write, sing or even record, either because they were based on personal experiences of yourself or others?

A lot of these tracks left me emotionally wrecked. We did not want to cheat the listener and give them anything less than openness, vulnerability and honesty. We gave all of our hearts to these songs, and we are starting to see the fruit of that. People are hearing these songs and realizing that it’s okay to feel the way they do, finding hope in our stories of brokenness and hope in the God who these songs point to.

  1. For anyone who is reading this interview and is feeling discouraged or down, either because of something in their life currently or something spoken over them, what can you say to them?

Remember that God is with you in your pain and sorrow; in fact He got there ahead of you and will be with you as this season in your life shifts. His love for you is relentless and you are not alone.

  1. You have been in the music industry for a few years. What keeps you grounded and places things in perspective as you travel and create music? Is there any song, or Bible verse, or even famous quote that reminds you about why you do what you do and the motivation behind it all?

My wife and children keep me grounded. I know that I must be about the Lord’s business when I leave my home if I am to honour their incredible gift of allowing me to leave them so that our family’s sacrifice can minister to others.

  1. What is next for We Are Messengers? What do you hope God will convey, to yourself and others, as you tour and spread the message of God’s love to listeners? What can we expect at your live shows?

We are excited to see God using these songs as we tour across North America this year. We hope that people will fall in love with Jesus and learn to forgive, bear with and love each other. We hope that we will live out what God has put on our hearts. We hope that our live shows will be honest, visceral events where we wait on God and expect Him to move beautifully because He chooses to be with His people and He loves to hear us sing.

Be sure to listen to We are Messengers’ new music that releases later on this week.  Also, check out their youtube page here, as well as their latest music video for ‘Everything Comes Alive’ below.

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