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BEST OF 2017- PART 8: TOP 15 EPs (July – December)

 So here we are, in December. You know what the time is now? Yes, seriously, another post about my favourite EPs that have been within the months of July – December 2017. I can remember back in July when I compiled my favourite EPs from January – June, and now, I have 15 more EPs that have spoken into my life since then. So, I guess when I look at the year as a whole, I can safely say that 2017 is the year of the EP. I’m sure if you take a look at my favourite 30 (15 for the first half and 15 for the latter half) EPs this year, I’m sure you can tend to agree. Anyway, enough preamble. Here’s my top 15 EPs of the last half of the year, that have made a great impact on myself both spiritually as well as enjoyableness.

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Hello again! Two times in one day, isn’t this a treat! If you’ve read my previous best of 2017 post, then you’ll know I delved into my favourite 20 songs released from July – September 2017. So what else could I post about, given the posts we’ve already written about in the ‘Best of 2017’ series? Well, it’s time to speak about 10 releases that are most anticipated (by myself!) that are set to release within the next three months. Though the year’s gone by and there are thousands of releases that have been unveiled in 2017, let us remember that there are 90 odd days remaining in the year for us to be blessed with new music and up and coming artists. So let us without further ado delve into 10 albums releasing in the last quarter of 2017 that we are excited about!


Throwback Tuesdays (Sanctus Real and Stellar Kart)

It’s been 5 years since Newsboys reinvented themselves with Michael Tait at the helm and their comeback album Born Again. 10 years since Third Day’s Wherever You Are. 20 years since DC Talk’s Jesus Freak. 30 years since Carman’s ground-breaking album Comin’ on Strong. Makes you think that music, especially Christian music, has come a long way between then and now in 2015. In fact, dare I say that music that evokes nostalgia of the times that were can have just as much poignancy and meaning as something current and new? Why is it that sometimes we as a humanity are craving more for the new singles and songs when it is sometimes equally as necessary to immerse ourselves in the old and familiar? Can a song as timeless as “Jesus Freak” still carry a similar emotion and meaning to a current radio hit song like Hawk Nelson’s “Drops in the Ocean”? In light of the new member change in Audio Adrenaline (with Stellar Kart frontman Adam Agee deciding to take on lead vocal duties) and the stepping down of Matt Hammitt as lead singer of pop/rock band Sanctus Real, this Throwback Tuesdays post, albeit a short one, delves into popular songs by Stellar Kart and Sanctus Real, perhaps some of the most underrated and equally enjoyable artists of today’s generation.

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Audio Adrenaline


Audio Adrenaline have released their latest album Sound Of The Saints this week. With a brand new lineup, the album is full of heartfelt, poignant, emotional, explosive and impacting pop/rock/worship anthems, as well as inspiring and poignant ballads; Sound Of The Saints is one of our favourite albums of the year! I had the privilege of interviewing lead singer Adam Agee (third from left) via email, about the new album. We discussed the album, which songs mean the most to the band, what Audio Adrenaline hope listeners will experience when hearing the new songs, as well as the goals and dreams for the year ahead. Check out the interview below.

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Futuristic Fridays And Sentimental Saturdays: Audio Adrenaline 3.0 (or 4.0) – When Does A Band Become A Brand?

Audio-Adrenaline flashback

Audio Adrenaline 1.0


Audio Adrenaline 2.0


Audio Adrenaline 3.0


Audio Adrenaline 4.0

This week on a combo post of Futuristic Fridays and Sentimental Saturdays I will be speaking about why I think band members change, and what happens when bands change so much that it becomes almost like, or even exactly like a brand, and how we as fans of the band deal with the changes. I will be sentimental in looking back in the history of one band in particular and forward into the future of the same band with a new lead singer.

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Sunday News Roundup (7th-13th July 2014)

news roundup july

Here’s the next installment of “Sunday News Roundups”, this time from the 7th to the 13th of July. Enjoy reading the scoop on the latest news!

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