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At this stage in our blog series, with 2 artists to go before we tackle the iconic and legendary artists who are on a whole other stratosphere (like Queen, The Beatles, Elton John, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion and others); I guess you could say that these next two artists, possibly would be arbitrary. Like I could pick any two artists, and they’d be valid. You may not agree with them, but they’d still be valid. And this is for many reasons. Obviously, there are thousands upon thousands of artists who have not made Jon’s and my list (for various reasons), inclusive of artists like Foo Fighters, Kesha, Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton, KJ-52, Pussycat Dolls, Snoop Dogg, Mumford & Sons, Guns’N’Roses, Daryl Braithwaite, and Kacey Chambers. Other artists whom I have not included in this blog series (and possibly also won’t feature in the list of 50 iconic legendary artists) are Mister Mister, INXS, Flyleaf, The Script, Marina Prior, James Arthur, Midnight Oil and Eskimo Joe. Maybe it’s because the scope of this blog series is maybe too broad (we’re including artists who are influential across time periods, genres as well as who we deem to be influential on a personal level!); and it is possibly because of the presence of CCM artists in this blog series, that many readers may indeed scratch their heads. Chris Tomlin, Hillsong (all facets), Delirious?, Newsboys, Rebecca St. James, dc Talk, Casting Crowns, Steven Curtis Chapman, for KING & COUNTRY, Andrew Peterson, Jason Gray, Lecrae, Tenth Avenue North, Michael W. Smith, Carman and Amy Grant… possibly wouldn’t make a ‘normal’ influential artist list if another person were compiling this list; while it would also be debatable if Switchfoot, Skillet or Needtobreathe would make this list too. While Jon and I both have our reasons for including Christian artists on our list (because we are believers, and these aforementioned artists have impacted our faith and our journey in life quite heavily!); this means that other noteworthy artists miss out. And that’s just the fact of life.


Futuristic Fridays (The Future of Friendship)

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Things must’ve been pretty weird, or maybe even simple, before the advent of facebook, twitter, or even the internet. Before any of that, there were just the people around your neighbourhood. There was the home TV instead of your personal computer, there was playing sports with friends instead of the Nintendo Wii console, there was cassette tapes, vinyl players and the like, instead of now Spotify, Youtube, mp3 files and iTunes. Before technology, life as we would think, was simpler. Maybe even boring to us, the life our parents and grandparents lived was one where friendships were much easier to form, and much harder to break.

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TV Thursdays: Do We Know Our Neighbours Inside And Out? (Eureka)


I know, I know, with a title like that, you probably might expect me to talk about stranger danger and mention that we never truly know someone until they do something horrific, and show their true colours. How I might say that our neighbours or close friends could be living double lives and we won’t know until much later. But that’s the opposite of what I am going to delve into today. Instead, let me ask you a question. When was the last time you had a conversation with your neighbour, and learn more about their story and life’s journey? When was the last time you said hello, had a cup of coffee with them and talked about a common topic? It may surprise you that not everyone has a secret agenda, and some people are genuinely nice because they are.

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