Colony House – Cannonballers (Single)

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Release Date: September 15th 2022

Reviewed by: Joshua Andre

Colony House– Cannonballers (Single) (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. Cannonballers

Reflective, introspective music and myself haven’t always gelled that well. Apart from personal, honest, and emotional worship and Christian music; sometimes hearing a mellow track that doesn’t explicitly speak about Jesus, doesn’t actually resonate with me right away. Normally with songs other than ‘Christian’ songs, it takes a while for me to be fully immersed into the message and heart of slower, reflective, mid-tempo ballads (inclusive of artists like John MayerJason MrazJewel and Sarah McLachlan). It’s different with upbeat pop songs, as you’re dancing and toe tapping away to the catchy beat- but with songs that have less of a radio format; these tracks aren’t that polished and hence not as engaging from first listen. Yet over the past few months, and even up to a year + ago, I’ve been inspired and moved from the get-go by an artist who on the whole is reflective, contemplative, and introspective in nature. They do not sing about the parties and the good times we can experience in this life; but rather this artist speaks about matters beyond the natural. Colony House, who we have blogged about here; have released 3 full-length albums, and each speak about heartfelt, personal, relatable and relevant topics- ranging from love, life, God, death, relationships, our inner psyche, the human condition and everything in between. Similar to NeedtobreatheSkilletSwitchfootfor KING & COUNTRY and up-and-coming sibling trio EchosmithColony House have toiled and toiled and toiled. And as an opinion, I firmly believe that there is no other album to inspire, to comfort, to encourage, to provide hope to us in this time, than Colony House’s January 2020 album- their third project Leave What’s Lost Behind, produced by Ben Shive. We reviewed the album here; as well as their 2021 EP Rotten Tomatoes. But now the guys are back with a brand new single called “Cannonballer”, a powerful, compelling, moving and hard-hitting melody well worth the listen. With lead singer Caleb Chapman (Steven Curtis Chapman’s son!) drawing us in with his passionate and earnest vocals; this heartwarming track may be uncomfortable to some… but I reckon it’s one of the many standout songs this year, that is a must listen!

When I stumbled upon the guitar riff that drives the song it kinda felt like a rollercoaster ride, so I began to form the lyric around the first rollercoaster I remember riding as a kid, the Wabash Cannonball at Opryland USA Themepark. It was just a short ride with only a couple loops in it, nice and to the point. As the ride concluded I would already be thinking about getting back in line for another go. The song’s meaning is multifaceted and alludes to the pace of life we all seem to be living at these days… fast. ‘Cannonballers’ is a short ride with a couple twists and turns, but hopefully by the time it ends, whoever is listening will want to hop back in line for another go.

For those of you who haven’t read about Colony House or their rise to fame, you can read about them in our blog. And now that you’ve caught up, let me just say that though “Cannonballers” virtually released out of nowhere, can I just say that these guys have delivered one of the most compelling and inspiring songs of the year? The melody speaks about a person who has committed a crime and is running extremely fast from the law; and though there is no resolution here, the band subtly encourages us all to not be in these situations in the first place, and they also encourage us to be forthright and honest about everything we do. A high-octane, energetic rock song; Colony House delivers a track full of metaphors and full of passion and heart; and no doubt this song will create some discussion at the dinner table about whether it is ok to run from your demons, or whether it is better to face them all head on, no matter how scary it is and no matter the consequences.

Is Colony House being passed the baton of rock music from Switchfoot or from Needtobreathe or from Skillet- at least within the confines of Christian music? It sure seems like it here. For me there’s no fault with this song- it’s actually one of the most impactful and hopeful tracks of 2021! As we are glimpsed into one of the finest storytelling pieces of just pure art- that will live on and on and on in the hearts of many; if you’re not a fan of Colony House by the end of this exquisite listening experience, then you probably never will be! Will, Caleb, Scott and Parke have created something special here, and something to be proud of. So jump on the band wagon, everyone… I think I’ve convinced you all enough! If not, then listen to Leave What’s Lost Behind!

Score: 4.5/5

RIYL: Needtobreathe, U2, for KING & COUNTRY, Delirious?, Lifehouse, Sanctus Real, Relient K, Echosmith

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