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2 months. 2 months to the date of Christmas Day. That’s how fast the year has progressed. In fact, time has passed so quickly this year that pretty soon, it’d be next year, and we’d all be thinking of…you guessed it, WOW Hits 2018. In fact, I’m sure you all are thinking about which songs are shoe-ins for next year’s compilation even now! Because, let’s be frank and honest here, WOW Hits has always been and will always be the most talked about Christian compilation album released in any year. So, what better time than now to make a prediction of WOW Hits 2018…sure probably half of my predictions will be correct (or maybe even less than half)…but, who knows. WOW Hits has always been known for placing dated songs on the annual WOW albums… So without further ado, here’s my stab and WOW Hits 2018, and stay tuned to more predictions later this year and into next year! Happy predicting!

Sound off in the comments whether you agree with our selections. We will be reviewing WOW Hits 2018 in early August 2017, when the track listing releases.

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