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WOW HITS 2017: What’s Your Prediction (Part 1)?

wow hits 2016

Hey everyone. I figured that while it’s only a few days until next year, now’s a good time as any to speculate about next year’s WOW Hits compilation. It’s about 9 months until the WOW Hits 2017 list is revealed (via email, and a little longer on social media), and about 3 months since WOW Hits 2016 was released. So while I will still write a site prediction list around the end of March, and again in July, I’m proposing one now, just to hear your thoughts!

Note: the above picture is of WOW Hits 2016,  the WOW Hits 2017 cover hasn’t release yet (will probably release in June/July sometime)!

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I Am They

i am they

Provident Label Group pop/rock/CCM/worship artist I Am They released their debut self titled album on January 27th! Full of heartfelt, poignant, emotional and impacting worship anthems, as well as ballads, this album is one of the most musically and lyrically impressive albums of 2015! I had the privilege of interviewing lead singers Adam Palmer, Matthew Hein and Stephanie Kulla via email recently, about the new album. We discussed the album, which songs mean the most to them, what they hope listeners will experience when hearing the new songs, as well as the band’s goals and dreams for the year ahead. Check out the interview below.

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