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It’s been a while since I posted a best-of albums/EPs list here on the site. I’ve recently unveiled my favourite 30 songs for the entire year, along with 10 more for good measure (honourable mentions) and thereby, I also figured it was time to impart 30 albums that stood out over the entire year (the site has already uploaded 25 favourite EPs here in this link). And while I myself still haven’t reviewed everything that I’ve wanted to in the year of 2018, I have since come to the conclusion, that 2018 was and is one of my favourite years in terms of music (though I think I’ve said that about the year of 2017 in music, as well!). And thus here we are in January 2019, as I am unveiling my favourite 30 albums of the entire year, and ten more that would’ve fit in if I had listened to songs and albums in a different order than what I actually did. Nevertheless, what I will say is this- 2018 for was was the year of the worship artist; alongside folk artists [Andrew Peterson], alternative artists [The New Respects] and just plain pop artists [Riley Clemmons, for KING AND COUNTRY]. Without further ado, here below are 30 albums that have influenced us as a site for the entire duration of 2018 and then beyond. Which albums have impacted you? Let us know in the comments. Til next time!

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