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TV Thursdays: When My Favourite TV Character Dies!




Yep, here we are talking about death again, that’s pretty morbid huh? So why is the topic of death so important that there is another disruption to this intriguing series, of me explaining why non-American shows are just as important and enjoyable as American shows? Doesn’t death happen all the time on TV?

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Top 10 ___: Top Ten Robin Williams Films!

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Welcome to the latest instalment of our most recent blog series Top Tens. Last week I shared my top 10 movie trilogies- what will I share this week? I was originally going to share another topic, which I have now moved to next week, but I thought in light of the tragedy of Robin Williams’ passing, that I would talk about my favourite Robin Williams films. Once again, I will share my top ten favourite films, give a brief reason, and then I will open the forum and discussion to all of you!

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Sentimental Saturdays (Hook)


This week has been very momentous in the realms of media. In fact, if you were to pick out one news that trumps all the rest, it’ll be this- the passing of Robin Williams, one of Hollywood’s funniest, down-to-earth, heartfelt, comic, versatile and hardworking actors. With our site devoting both Message Mondays and TV Thursdays to all things Robin in honour of his memory, I’ve decided to make this new Sentimental Saturdays post about Robin Williams- or rather, one of his films, namely the 1991 movie Hook.

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TV Thursdays: The Last TV Show With Robin Williams Starring In It (The Crazy Ones)


Like I mentioned earlier in the week, it’s a very sad week that we as a nation and globe connected through social media may never fully ‘get over’; after the death of one of the most loved, respected, and popular TV and movie personalities ever- Robin Williams. It was shocking, it was unexpected, and soon enough, the tweets and messages flooded in from fans and his celebrity friends and acquaintances. I even wrote a post about my initial reactions, and writing down some personal thoughts, in the hope that people get some closure, healing, hope and understanding from this tragic and senseless mess. Now I think that it is only fitting that I delve into The Crazy Ones for this TV Thursday- the short lived 1 season CBS comedy TV show that would turn out to be Robin’s last role ever (not including the 4 movies in post production right now that Robin starred in, in some capacity). It’s an interesting show, although sometimes a little bit too procedural, and some people have said that if the show was renewed that Robin would still be alive. Well, that’s a very tricky subject matter, and one that I hope to answer with as little controversy as I can.

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Message Mondays: How Do We Process A Celebrity Death? (Steven Curtis Chapman’s “Last Day On Earth”)

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It’s a very sad day today, as Academy Award winner Robin Williams, one of our favourite actors and comedians, and one of society’s popular, and much loved celebrities, passed away from an apparent suicide, though the investigation still continues, and the cause may turn out to be completely different. Though it may seem insensitive to some that I post about this here, I thought it would be best to write about this horrific, senseless tragedy, use this website to offer condolences that are more than 140 characters, and to give readers some resemblance of hope and assurance during this time of sadness and chaos.

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