Sentimental Saturdays (Hook)


This week has been very momentous in the realms of media. In fact, if you were to pick out one news that trumps all the rest, it’ll be this- the passing of Robin Williams, one of Hollywood’s funniest, down-to-earth, heartfelt, comic, versatile and hardworking actors. With our site devoting both Message Mondays and TV Thursdays to all things Robin in honour of his memory, I’ve decided to make this new Sentimental Saturdays post about Robin Williams- or rather, one of his films, namely the 1991 movie Hook.

You know you always have a favourite movie from the 1990s right? And you know that movie would probably either star one of Tom Hanks, Arnold Schwarzenegger or the late Robin, right? Every person has a favourite movie that was made in the 1990s, and in my case, Hook was the movie that has entered into my list of favourite movies from the 1990s, and maybe even favourite movies to date. A story about a grown up Peter Pan (with a wife and family) and how he had to travel back to Neverland and recapture his youthful spirit so that he can rescue his children from and face his formidable foe in Hook; this Steven Spielberg directed movie highlights some of the best acting Robin Williams has done, with the film promoting themes such as courage, facing the past, and being able to reclaim innocence once lost and fight the good fight to bring a sense of peace and tranquillity to the situation at hand.

While not necessarily as critically acclaimed as other movies like Good Will Hunting, Mrs Doubtfire, Patch Adams, Good Morning Vietnam or Jumunji, Hook nevertheless has become a favourite of mine, not because of its popularity, but rather of the nostalgia that it brings as one of the first Robin Williams movies I saw (I think prior to Hook I only saw Flubber and Aladdin). It was iconic for its time period, and I’m sure one of the films that have inspired many more renditions, movies, TV series and the like relating to Peter Pan following on from the 1991 movie (from the Season 3 arc of Once Upon a Time, to the Syfy TV movie Neverland that released a few years ago).

It is very sad and unfortunate to hear the news about Robin’s passing during the week, and it only seemed appropriate for me to alter my Sentimental Saturdays post to reflect that, considering that Robin was, and will continue to be, one of my favourite actors ever (because of his ability to jump into both dramatic and comedic roles). Hook, while focusing on the plotline of a fairytale, is nevertheless a great reminder for us all to never forget where we came from- in Peter’s case it was from Neverland, but in ours, we need to consciously and continually remember where we come from- our heritage, and the unconditional love that overflows from our parents and extended family towards us (that we can so often take for granted before it’s too late).

Was Robin Williams one of your favourite actors growing up? Or was it Tom Hanks, Arnold Schwarzenegger, or Tim Allen? What has been your favourite movie of the 1990s, or do you prefer earlier (or more current) movies? Let us know in the comments, and whether or not you think Robin deserves an award posthumously at the Academy Awards next year.

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