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Welcome to the latest instalment of our most recent blog series Top Tens. Last week I shared my top 10 movie trilogies- what will I share this week? I was originally going to share another topic, which I have now moved to next week, but I thought in light of the tragedy of Robin Williams’ passing, that I would talk about my favourite Robin Williams films. Once again, I will share my top ten favourite films, give a brief reason, and then I will open the forum and discussion to all of you!

So without further ado… here are my top 10 favourite Robin Williams films (in reverse order).

Night at the Museum

Night At The Museum– Ben Stiller stars as Larry Daley in this film franchise- the night guard at the museum where every exhibit comes to life at night time. Robin stars as a mannequin of Teddy Roosevelt, and that in itself is reason to be excited. Night At The Museum is a fun film for the family, and Robin’s performance as a historical figure is pretty convincing (given that it’s a comedy film!)

fathers day2

Father’s Day– With Robin starring alongside Billy Crystal in this comedy about a teenage boy running away from home, and two men, who both think he is the biological father, trying to help the boy with his problems and issues; this 1997 film is pretty underrated in my opinion, speaking about the importance of father figure roles and mentors in the life of a person. It also helps that Robin is extremely funny in this, and plays off Billy quite well.


Toys– I saw Toys maybe in 2006, and though is didn’t succeed at the box office, the heartfelt and poignant storyline, of one brother saving his toy factory from being ‘destroyed’ and overrun with war machines by his overbearing brother, is alone worth a watch. One of the first films I saw of his with comedy and drama elements mixed in, I suggest that you watch the film to make your own opinion.


August Rush– Similar in concept to Oliver Twist, Robin Williams plays a Fagin like character that takes the main titular character (played by Freddie Highmore) under his wing and care, while he tries to locate his birth parents. August Rush is where Robin plays a manipulative and ‘evil’ character, so it is interesting to say the least to see Robin act is something different that stretches himself as an actor


Aladdin– The voice of the Genie in one of my favourite Disney films ever; Robin brings heart and soul to a cartoon classic. Need I say more? Aladdin never gets old, and it’s sequels are enjoyable and inspiring as well, telling the story of a homeless man’s transformation into a prince of the fictitious kingdom of Agrabah


Flubber– Starring as an eccentric scientist, Robin brings out his comedy acting chops here, and adds depth in a favourite film of mine, also released in 1997. It’s a fun film, and though the concept is farfetched (green goo with a personality, as well as a flying robot with feelings) it’s an escape from reality that Robin is so good at- his acting immerses me especially in this film, and is for anyone who likes films such as My Favourite Martian or Jingle All The Way!


Good Will Hunting– Receiving the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for this 1997 film; Robin shows off his dramatic side here. Though I have seen this film only once; his acting is so profound and compelling here that I probably will watch it again. Starring as a therapist who helps Matt Damon’s character overcome fears using unconventional techniques; it is one of the films that cemented Robin as one of the actors who is truly brilliant, and can transform himself into anyone no matter the character on the script.


Dead Poets Society– Carpe Diem anyone? Yep, this well known phrase (Seize The Day!) came from Dead Poets Society where Robin is a teacher who inspires his students with poetry in a school that is conservative, restrictive and regimented. Reminding us that the best types of learning are outside the classroom and for us to live each day to the fullest and to our potential, Robin was nominated for an Academy Award here, and is as convincing and likeable as a teacher as Robert Downey Jr is as Iron Man (which is very!)


Hook– Yet another twist on the iconic fairytale Peter Pan, the story of Hook focuses on a grown up Peter who has to travel to Neverland and battle Hook to save his kids; this film brings me great nostalgia, for fairy tales and Disney films as well. I was never a fan of the cartoon Disney film of Peter Pan, but Robin’s portrayal of Peter as a grown up is a great execution of a clever and courageous idea.


Mrs Doubtfire– What else would be at the top? Robin Williams stars as a father who is separated from his wife, who masquerades as a Scottish nanny in order to see his kids every day. It’s a funny film, as Robin’s character splits his time up between being the nanny and being his children’s father, culminating in a hilarious scene at the end of the film that has me splitting my sides laughing. If there is one film I would recommend from Robin Williams, this would be it!

What missed out: Robots, Happy Feet, Bicentennial Man, Man Of The Year, Old Dogs

So there is my top ten Robin Williams films (plus 5 that missed out), what are yours? Let me know so that we can compare and have a healthy discussion…

3 thoughts on “Top 10 ___: Top Ten Robin Williams Films!”

  1. Hey Josh, great post! Robin had some amazing films, but my favourite would always be Jumanji. Such a brilliant adventure. Mrs. Doubtfire is the second best movie of his. Robots is also really good, and I think Hook is better than the non-animated Peter Pan film, which I didn’t really like. Not a fan of Happy Feet sorry to say. Flubber was the first movie I ever saw of his, and I still remember that flying car, such good memories. Just watched Aladdin a few days ago, still a great film!
    But yeah, I’m not a really big movie fan, and I haven’t seen any of the other films listed. I’ll get around to it one day though 🙂
    God Bless!

    1. Thanks for replying Luc, I would encourage you to watch these films of Robin’s that you haven’t seen- they’re all of high calibre!

      Robin was one of my favourite actors of all time, still is. Will be eagerly anticipating his last 4 films- they will be very interesting to see…

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