Matt Maher – Leaning (feat. Lizzie Morgan) – Single

Provident Label Group

Release Date: March 4th 2022

Reviewed by: Joshua Andre

Matt Maher– Leaning (feat. Lizzie Morgan) – Single (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. Leaning (feat. Lizzie Morgan)

One of today’s most creative and inventive worship leaders and singer/songwriters of the modern CCM era, Matt Maher, famous for his smash hit single “Your Grace Is Enough” (made popular by Chris Tomlin) and also writer of inspiring hits such as “Turn Around”, “Hold Us Together”, “Christ Is Risen”, “Because He Lives”, “Alive & Breathing”, “What A Friend”, “Your Love Defends Me”, “Lord I Need You” and “All The People Said Amen”; is one of my favourite artists of the worship genre over and throughout the past few years. ‘But why?’, I hear you asking? Wouldn’t it be Hillsong or Chris Tomlin or Bethel Music or Jesus Culture or even Phil Wickham- artists who have revolutionised worship music to a larger extent than Matt? Yes of course, these artists are enjoyable and are impacting in the worship market. However to me, the reason why Matt resonates with me probably more so than any other worship artist, even though he’s not that influential in compared to some of his contemporaries…is really simple. It’s partly due to Matt’s vulnerability and transparency (evident on his latest full-length album Alive & Breathing), and also due to the relevance of his music on today’s society. Prior to Alive & Breathing in 2020, Matt released Echoes in 2017 (of which you guys can read my brother’s review right here!); as well as releasing a Christmas album in 2018 (The Advent Of Christmas). And thus, now that you’ve read all of our recent reviews about Matt and his music, it’s time to fix our eyes onto something new from the Canadian Catholic. This year it the time for Matt to unveil to us something new- a single with up and coming worship artist Lizzie Morgan, a reimaging of the hymn “Leaning On The Everlasting Arms”, simply titled “Leaning”.

For all of you avid Matt Maher fans, no doubt you probably would have heard the song on a recent Essential Worship song sessions video a while ago. A thought-provoking, inspiring, powerful, moving and impacting potential modern-day hymn of sorts; this track is the perfect way for Matt to start the new year, as he prepares for a new album. A song that is lyrically and musically very simple, yet still packs a punch emotionally and with its sheer honesty and vulnerability; both Matt and Lizzie eloquently relay to us and to God that ‘…what a fellowship, what a joy divine, what a priceless gift, God I’m Yours and You are mine, let my restless soul, be still and know, I am leaning on Your everlasting arms…’. A song that needs to be experienced and heard to be believed, the live rendition of this song last for around about 8 minutes. Although this is the only nit-pick I have, in that this song length could’ve been shaved by half, and the impact still left intact.

Matt Maher, though not as ‘famous’ or ‘popular’ than other artists I previously mentioned above, is still a relatively household name in terms of worship music, and now that He has recorded many, many hit singles; these are indeed songs for those who want to feel closer to God, and a must listen if you want to find some inspirational and hopeful melodies that you can sing at all times! Well done Matt on the song “Leaning”, I can’t wait for your next full-length studio project and whatever else you have up your sleeve! Because if it’s as half as good as Alive & Breathing and the rest of your discography, then we’re in for a treat! Well done to Lizzie Morgan too, I will be watching your burgeoning career with interest, that’s for sure!

There are times in life where on either side of a difficult season you’re either asking, ‘How am I going to get through this?’ or, you’re on the other side looking back in amazement saying, ‘How did I get through this?’ That’s where I find that the most sincere, real, authentic prayers get prayed.

 You’re praying out of desperation or gratitude, and you find out what your support structure looks like – friends, family, loved ones who come around you hold you up. They become real signposts for the face of Jesus. But what about those who have no one? What does Jesus have to say to them? He says, ‘I no longer call you strangers, I call you friends’. This is what I find so compelling about the friendship of God and the message of Christianity. Life is not a stacked tower of personal achievement, pride, egos, success, or vanity…it’s extending to others what Jesus says in the scriptures. ‘In this world, you will have trouble. But you are not alone. You can put your weight on Me.’

Score: 4.5/5

RIYL: Matthew West, Jeremy Camp, Matt Redman, Chris Tomlin, Crowder, Tenth Avenue North

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