John Waller – YESHUA the name (feat. Sophee Waller) (Single)


Release Date: July 14th 2023

Reviewed by: Joshua Andre

John Waller– YESHUA the name (feat. Sophee Waller) (Single) (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. YESHUA the name (feat. Sophee Waller)

Recently known for his strong pro stance on adoption, singer/songwriter John Waller has had a music career most artists would dream of. Being recognised and respected for his hit songs and powerful anthemic ballads that bring people hope and let us know that Jesus’ love is boundless and endless; John’s song “While I’m Waiting” was featured in the Alex Kendrick directed and Kirk Cameron acted film Fireproof, while the heartfelt and emotional music video for “As For Me And My House” was nominated for a Dove Award alongside videos from Newsboys, Tenth Avenue North, Chris August, Chris Tomlin and Hawk Nelson (which is pretty good, considering that song was from an independent album!). Even his debut hit song “Still Calls Me Son”, from the 2007 album The Blessing, struck a chord with me- John’s prowess at writing is just as good as a veteran artist like Michael W. Smith or Mark Hall from Casting Crowns. And yet, not that many people listen to his music compared to CCM artists who are signed. John released the album Crazy Faith in 2015 (on City Of Peace Records), and you can read that review here. We also reviewed many more of John’s releases; and since that time John has released Explosions Of Light in 2019, and the singles “But God”, “What My Father Does” and “Kingdom Symphony”. If you want to read more about John and his recent music, you can read all of our reviews; but this past month or so, John is back with something new. And I don’t mean his re-recording of “While I’m Waiting”!

Two years since he has recorded anything new, “Yeshua The Name” hits very hard. Sung with his daughter Sophee, the melody is a worship song at heart, as both John and Sophee praise God’s name and sing out Jesus’ praises simply because of who He is. Sure, this song is a simple song, but sometimes you need songs like these. Christianity is simple in that you can worship God and you can be certain in the gift of eternal life when you believe in Jesus’ death and resurrection; and I feel that all of these denominations have made a simple thing complicated by elevating secondary issues as primary issues. “Yeshua The Name” goes back to the heart of what it means to be a Christian- to life Jesus’ name high and to point others to Him and to the One who has saved us from our sin. And though the song is simple, the impact and the effectiveness of such a simple song is evident and on display for all to hear and see. Jesus doesn’t need the flashy or the grandiose. He just wants our hearts, and I believe this is what this song is- getting back to the roots of what it means to be a believer and singing out hearts our in unbridled worship to our Heavenly Father.

John Waller’s new song is a testament to the power of the word and the simplicity of worship songs which still speak to us today; and though feeling confronted and challenged in our faith, may not be what we’d like to feel at the moment, John’s words ultimately have solidified and cemented my faith time and time again, and that’s definitely a plus! With his heart for mission, family, and children, being intertwined with his heart for God and bleeding through throughout John’s entire discography; there’s plenty of here within John’s songs for everyone… but I’d say start with “While I’m Waiting”- for what I believe is a song that everyone needs to listen to at least once. Then go onto “Yeshua The Name”. Well done John for a thoroughly enjoyable and inspiring song, and hopefully it calls people to action to trust in Jesus at all times simply because of His name and who He is!

THIS FRIDAY. “Yeshua the Name” releases on all streaming. It’s a weird feeling these days surrounding releasing of new music. On Spotify alone over 100,000 new song drop daily. Am I excited? I am. Do I have unrealistic expectations of millions of people streaming it? Uhhhhh… not really. I always ask the Lord to make a way for me and my music where there seems to be no way it could rise above the saturation and noise. Sometimes i ask myself why I still do it? Why bother writing, recording and releasing music anymore? My only answer is… I can’t help it. The passion won’t go away. The desire won’t die. The calling to create is still as real and active as it ever was. So I offer this song back to Him as an offering and sacrifice of praise. As long as He’s pleased, I’ll be good. With all of that being said… I STILL ask that YOU to go and pre-save it on Spotify. If you don’t have Spotify, set a reminder to save it on whatever platform you stream music on. It WILL help.

‘YESHUA the Name’ is a vertical worship song I co-wrote and produced with my good friend David Dalton. It is my second duet with my 18-year-old daughter, Sophee. I’ve been writing songs that bring out the Hebraic roots of our faith for many years. My messianic Jewish friends call the messiah by His Hebrew name, Yeshua. I started addressing Him as Yeshua years ago. I’ve always wanted to write a worship song specifically lifting up His Hebrew name. That name is over everything, and this song simply acknowledges that.

Score: 5/5

RIYL: Steven Curtis Chapman, Bebo Norman, Casting Crowns, MercyMe

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