John Waller – Waiting (While I’m Waiting) – Single


Release Date: April 21st 2023

Reviewed by: Joshua Andre

John Waller– Waiting (While I’m Waiting) – Single (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. Waiting (While I’m Waiting)

Recently known for his strong pro stance on adoption, singer/songwriter John Waller has had a music career most artists would dream of. Being recognised and respected for his hit songs and powerful anthemic ballads that bring people hope and let us know that Jesus’ love is boundless and endless; John’s song “While I’m Waiting” was featured in the Alex Kendrick directed and Kirk Cameron acted film Fireproof, while the heartfelt and emotional music video for “As For Me And My House” was nominated for a Dove Award alongside videos from Newsboys, Tenth Avenue North, Chris August, Chris Tomlin and Hawk Nelson (which is pretty good, considering that song was from an independent album!). Even his debut hit song “Still Calls Me Son”, from the 2007 album The Blessing, struck a chord with me- John’s prowess at writing is just as good as a veteran artist like Michael W. Smith or Mark Hall from Casting Crowns. And yet, not that many people listen to his music compared to CCM artists who are signed. John released the album Crazy Faith in 2015 (on City Of Peace Records), and you can read that review here. We also reviewed many more of John’s releases; and since that time John has released Explosions Of Light in 2019, and the singles “But God”, “What My Father Does” and “Kingdom Symphony”. If you want to read more about John and his recent music, you can read all of our reviews; but this past week, John is back with something new. Well… something old but something still new-ish.

Re-recording songs in a different way after ‘x amount’ of years… is all the in thing these days. Taylor Swift and Bryan Adams have done this. So has Demi Lovato. Now it’s John’s time. “While I’m Waiting”, one of the biggest hits from John’s career, released in 2007 on his debut album The Blessing. It was re-released in 2009 and featured in the film Fireproof; and the topic of waiting is one such topic that humans sometimes forget about and need to fully grasp and understand. Sometimes it is in these moments of waiting that we learn more about ourselves and about God in the process. You can read more about the song in the 2 blogs I wrote about the track here and here. But for now, let me tell you that this re-recorded version which just released, titled “Waiting (While I’m Waiting)”, is a melody that hits incredibly hard, even after all these years. It’s a song that is self-explanatory, a song that is needed even now in this volatile and upside-down world we live in, and it’s a song that I reckon is timeless. We all need to learn how to wait on God, and know that in the silence, God is still working, that He’s still there and He still cares.

John Waller’s (new-ish) song is a testament to the power and timelessness of the classic melodies which still speak to us today; and though feeling confronted and challenged may not be what we’d like to feel at the moment, John’s words ultimately have solidified and cemented my faith time and time again, and that’s definitely a plus! With his heart for mission, family, and children, being intertwined with his heart for God and bleeding through throughout John’s entire discography; there’s plenty of here within John’s songs for everyone… but I’d say start with “While I’m Waiting” (or this new updated version!)- for what I believe is a song that everyone needs to listen to at least once. Well done John for a thoroughly enjoyable and inspiring song, and hopefully it calls people to action to trust in Jesus at all times!

Some of us are maybe too attached to things of this world that do not matter. Maybe that’s why we are restless during the waiting if we have lost things, we hold of importance to us. Perhaps we think that the God of Abraham, the God who did all of those miracles in the Old Testament, the God who delivered the Israelites out of Egypt, is the God of yesterday. But really, He’s the same God of today and of tomorrow. The same God who rose up from the dead is living in you and in me right now, and I’m sure I’ve said this time and time again before in another blog. But I don’t really care. I’ll keep saying it until we all get it. When we’re in a tight spot, when we’re waiting, we can rely on Jesus. And trust that His plans are best for us, because He is sovereign, holy and perfect. That’s really all there is to it.

There’s a saying that faith without works is dead. In fact, it’s more than a saying- it’s in the Bible in James. That if you have all the faith in the world and do nothing, that you don’t help the poor, that you don’t help your brother and sister in need down the street, that you don’t support your friends who need you in the current moment; then you’re just as bad or maybe even worse than someone who outright says they don’t believe at all. It’s a harsh statement but maybe true. That out faith should be evident through our actions, but if our actions aren’t lining up with our faith, then maybe our faith isn’t as solid as we once thought. But then if you’re believing that, then is the converse true? If we do all the good things in the world, as in build an orphanage in Africa, sponsor X amount of children, foster X amount of children, partner up with World Vision or Compassion International, always be there for friends, feed the homeless, always volunteer for extracurricular social justice activities; but have no reason for doing so; what’s going to be our answer when someone asks us why we do what we do? Yes, faith without works is dead, yet works without faith is meaningless also. Just something to think about as we are waiting. Yes we as humans aren’t good at waiting. Yes, maybe we do need faith. But maybe all we need is the faith to say ‘God I don’t know what’s happening. But I trust You and I leave it all in Your hands’.

Are there things on this earth you hold dear that you can’t possibly live without, or even imagine that they’d go without a trace? Remember that sometimes the waiting is the most important thing to do, as it strengthens our relationship with God, even when we can’t see it.

I’ve been MIA. I know. Can I be honest? I’ve been in a long wilderness season. I let go of the music. The aspirations. I guess I’ve done a bit of dying. To myself. To the false identity of John Waller, the CCM artist. Much needed death. While I’m in full transparency mode let me also admit I’ve always hated self-promotion. Don’t take offense, but I also have a bit of loathing for social media. I’ve been told many times it’s the only way to get my music to the people, so I need to “serve the platforms”. Those words alone made me say “screw that! I ain’t serving any of em!!”

And yet here I am. After a loooong, grueling season in the desert, writing a post to tell the few people the algorithms decide to allow this post visibility that I have a new recording. It’s amazing how much I used to care who followed me, listened to my music, interacted with my polished appearance of a life on these platforms. It’s scary how much I don’t care now. Which I’ve always believed is when God can use us the most…when we are truly dead to self. And yet… I know somebody needs to hear this song. I decided to re-record it because frankly it’s more relevant today than when I released the original in 2008 when it was included in the Fireproof movie soundtrack. Fifteen years. Wow! Back when I wrote this song it had everything to do with my all-consuming desire for God to give me the desire that burned so intensely in me to have a platform. He did. It wasn’t what I thought…AT ALL! I am absolutely grateful for the doors He opened for me back then. I spent so many years chasing after more success. More hits. Waisted SO much money trying to make things happen. I reached the end of that driving passion. Turns out it was completely rooted in self.

I feel like many biblical characters depending what day it is. But today, Sampson does come to mind. (No Delilah involved thank God) But Sampson because I feel I have so often squandered my gifting and many things the Lord has entrusted me with. And now at 52…I’d say I’m broken. I truly desire to see the Lords glory poured out on me and through me again. Even if it’s just one more time! Because at this point in my life, it’s about legacy. This song is my legacy. It’s my heart. I’m STILL waiting. But I STILL believe that God is good. I still believe He loves me and He’s not done with me. I still dare to believe the best is yet to come because I’m wise enough (though I always lack wisdom) to know that what my true heart has always been waiting for IS still to come! Wow, I got tingly just typin that. If you are a child of God, you too are waiting. No matter what season you’re in. And as you listen to this updated version of this song, may the Lord of hosts renew your strength. Even as you wait upon Him.

Score: 5/5

RIYL: Steven Curtis Chapman, Bebo Norman, Casting Crowns, MercyMe

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