Demi Lovato – Still Have Me (Single)

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Release Date: October 1st 2020

Reviewed by: Joshua Andre

Demi Lovato– Still Have Me (Single) (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. Still Have Me

While the world still turns and spins, all of us are standing still- lockdown or quarantine or whatever you want to call it, is still happening because of that pesky virus called COVID-19, that’s still hanging about and being a pest and a leech beyond all comprehension. So while we are all at home following the rules and being sensible, what is there to do? Why, listen to new music of course! So… out of the many, many albums and songs that we have reviewed in the past, what now shall we all listen to that will be challenging, uplifting and resonating?

Demi Lovato has recently been an artist who has resonated with me lately. I’ve written a blog about her earlier this year, and have also favourably reviewed her singles “Anyone” and “I Love Me”. If you’ve read the blog or my reviews, then you can tell that right now I’m heavily invested in her music. If Demi’s music however, isn’t your cup of tea, due to any reason, then that’s fine. But let me just say that there’s no denying the passion, heart, soul, emotion, honesty and vulnerability in Demi’s songs as a whole. I mean, if you don’t cry or get emotional during “Skyscraper” or “Warrior”… well, I don’t really know what to say. You’re not really human I suppose. Anyway, Demi has had a rough past, with her tenuous relationship with drugs and alcohol coming to a head in 2018 when she overdosed. It was just prior to her overdose that “Anyone” was written and recorded (with the 2020 official studio version containing a great proportion of the 2018 recording!), yet Demi has released a brand new single “Still Have Me” recently- her first since “I Love Me” back in March- which was written shortly after her 2018 overdose, and as she recovered and started her journey again back to sobriety.

“Still Have Me” is one of the year’s most honest, vulnerable, emotional, heartbreaking and uplifting songs, alongside TobyMac’s “I’m Sorry”, Delta Goodrem’s “Paralysed”, The McClymonts’ “I Got This” and MercyMe’s “Hurry Up And Wait”. Yep, Demi has outdone herself, as “Still Have Me” is far more emotionally impacting and resonating than “I Love Me”. Even though “I Love Me” is hard-hitting and full of hope and optimism, there’s a sense of realness about “Still Have Me” that I have not heard much of this year. Demi has gone through quite the year this year- with the release of her two singles (“Anyone” and “I Love Me”), then the engagement to actor Max Elrich and the subsequent breaking down and split of that relationship. Rumours started circling about what exactly happened- I’m not one for gossip, but it sounded like Max was using her for fame. But, hey, what do I know, I just skim read what’s on social media and on the internet. Yet with Demi then altering some of the lyrics of “Still Have Me” to indirectly reference her split with Max… I reckon this is one of the most emotional and vulnerable songs of the year! So as you sit and reflect on the year of 2020 thus far… listen to “Still Have Me”, read and ponder over the lyrics, and remember that we can say to the doubters, to the haters, and even to Satan himself, that ‘…I don’t have much but at least I still have me, and that’s all I need, so take my faith but at least I still believe, and that’s all I need, I don’t have much but at least I still have me…’.

When will Demi Lovato ever catch a break and be happy for once for an extended period of time? Perhaps the time is coming now, and perhaps God is showing her providence and grace and happiness now- at the right time. Regardless on whether Demi has unfairly or fairly been dealt blow after blow after blow; what matters is that “Still Have Me” hits us where it is needed the most- with this track giving us all of the heartfelt emotions, and this song (and “I Love Me” and “Anyone”) making me excited for Demi Lovato’s upcoming new album! And… that’s all I reckon! Seriously, listen to this song, even if you are feeling ok, and are mentally, emotionally and spiritually in a great place, and firmly believe that you do have people in your corner, “Still Have Me” will further cement those feelings, and make us realise more how much the importance of friends and family really is. If nothing else, then that’s a good reason why the song was recorded- to realise that we still have ourselves even if the whole world deserts us. So well done Demi Lovato; I can’t wait to hear what you have next in store and what your upcoming new album sounds like!

Score: 5/5

RIYL: Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Natalie Grant, Meghan Trainor, Jess Glynne, Rachel Platten

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