Another year, another post about “Top 10 CCM Songs Of The Summer”- and this time, instead of the last two instalments here and here, which we posted in July 2017 and July 2016 respectively, I’m going to ‘gaze into my crystal ball’ and have an educated guess about which songs that I reckon will be BIG over the next few months (both on CCM radio and inspirational in listeners’ lives!), and voice my opinions now- which songs do I reckon will explode and which songs do I reckon will have massive airplay on radio during the upcoming 3 months? Also, which songs do I reckon will worm their way into our hearts, and change our lives from the inside out?

Anyway, like I mentioned in previous posts, this doesn’t mean that these songs need to be released around that time, but rather, in my opinion already released (or yet to be released), which will have a big impact in people’s lives during the next few months. Summer, no matter what hemisphere you live in, is a time for just hanging out with your friends, with the windows down and the stereo system blaring out your favourite tunes! So which do I think will I sing off by heart by the end of August 2018? Read on and find out!

1. Reckless Love (Cory Asbury)

2. WaveWalker (feat. Bart Millard) (Citizen Way)

3. Never Let You Down (feat. Hunter And Tara) (Hawk Nelson)

4. Cry Pretty (Carrie Underwood)

5. War Cry (feat. Tauren Wells) (Social Club Misfits)

6. No Other Love (Jasmine Murray)

7. Thirst For Life (Cimorelli)

8. Count that High (Jordan Feliz)

9. Fire On The Highway (FF5)

10. Great Is Thy Faithfulness (Beginning To End) (feat. Mike Weaver) (one sonic society)

11. Blackout (Steffany Gretzinger)

12. Let You Down (NF)

13. Is He Worthy (Andrew Peterson)

14. Over All I Know (Vertical Worship)

15. How Can I Be Silent (Caitie Hurst)

16. Hallelujah For The Cross (Chris McClarney)

17. Not Dead Yet (LEDGER)

18. Brave (Skillet)

19. Something About You (Sarah Reeves)

20. Living Hope (Phil Wickham)

21. Help Us To Love (feat. The HamilTones) (Tori Kelly)

22. No Other (For All Seasons)

23. I Just Need U. (TobyMac)

24. Heart Wide Open (Mack Brock)

25. Jesus Only You (Martin Smith)

26. Say Hello (Rhett Walker Band)

27. Here I Am (Lincoln Brewster)

28. Grace Got You (feat. John Reuben) (MercyMe)

29. Beautifully Broken (Plumb)

30. My Feet Are On The Rock (I Am They)

Bonus- 31. .joy (for KING & COUNTRY)

There you have it! 30 (31) songs I reckon will be big on CCM radio and in terms of impact on people’s lives over the next few months! Which songs make your list?

Til next time!

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