Wow, it’s July already! Half the year is over! Time sure goes by fast! I guess it’s time to post my thoughts on my favourite music videos for the first half of the year then! But why am I splitting up the year in two, you say? Like the previous best of 2017 posts? Well, I guess it’s because this year in particular (I don’t know, maybe this is the year we’ve been paying more attention!), there are more songs, more albums, more EP’s, more music videos, that have resonated with us immensely than any other year. Of course if we now revisit previous years, and previous ‘best of’ lists, then perhaps we have to revise/expand the lists, but as of right now, I reckon 2017 is one of the best years of music in general that I have heard in a very long time. So without further ado, here’s my top 20 music videos from the first half of the year that have made a great impact on myself both spiritually as well as enjoyableness.

1. Be The Change (Britt Nicole)

2. Love Broke Thru (TobyMac)

3. I Have This Hope (Tenth Avenue North)

4. Old Church Choir (Zach Wlliams)

5. O God Forgive Us (feat. KB) (for KING & COUNTRY)

6. Back From The Dead (Skillet)

7. Red and Yellow, Black and White (Carmen Justice)

8. Til The End Of Time (feat, Kari Jobe) (Cody Carnes)

9. Change The World (feat. Hollyn) (Derek Minor)

10. Alive (Cimorelli)

11. Hard Love (feat. Andra Day) (needtobreathe)

12. Take It Over (The Supanova Project)

13. Money (The New Respects)

14. Glimpse (Kim Walker Smith)

15. Belong (Alive City)

16. I Will Rise Again (Jason Gray)

17. Prada (The Luxury Of Suffering) (Jimi Cravity)

18. Misfit Anthem (feat. Riley Clemmons) (Social Club Misfits)

19. Oh My Soul (Casting Crowns)

20. Impossible (Sidewalk Prophets)

So there you have it, my favourite music videos of January – June 2017. What has been your impacting music videos of 2017 so far? Any videos from my list made an impact in yourselves spiritually and any other way? Let us know in the comments. Til next time.

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