BEST OF 2017- PART 1: TOP 20 SONGS OF 2017 (January – March)

I know, I know, I’m posting this in May. But hear me out. There are a lot of songs in 2017. A lot of good songs. So I have since decided, that I’m going to release a series of three posts, once now, one in about another four months, and one at the end of the year- each encapsulating 20 tracks during that time period that have been some of my favourites (and then maybe a final post to pool all the three posts together and then come up with a final ‘top songs’ list…maybe).

Because frankly, when I look at the year up until now objectively, I have realised that more often now than years previously, artists are releasing singles as opposed to new albums. Don’t get me wrong, the number of albums this year is just as much, if not more than last year. It’s just that within these last few months, we have been blessed with tracks that aren’t necessarily attached to any album. And maybe that’s a good thing. To not have to wait until an artist as a collection of songs that they can release to listeners. Often if that is the case, artists may have to wait for management approval, or they’ll have to discuss about radio format and marketability before they release an album. In 2017, with artists releasing more songs as opposed to albums, we are ever reminded that in such an industry like the music industry, it takes a lot for an album or even a song to be released on iTunes- so we ought to be appreciative when an artist does release something, be it an album or a single.

Which songs throughout 2017 thus far that have impacted my life during these last few months? The criteria- the songs must be released in the year of 2017 (if the single was released in 2016 but the album in 2017, then that song within that album doesn’t count- e.g.: ‘Rise’ can’t make my list, but ‘The Comeback’ can… hint, hint). So without further ado, here’s my list of 20 songs, that have been instrumental in my life, within the first few months of 2017!

1. Even If (MercyMe)

2. Worthy Of Your Name (Passion)

3. Death Was Arrested (North Point Insideout)

4. Crown Him (I Am They)

5. Nowhere (Sarah Reeves)

6. The Gospel (Ryan Stevenson)

7. NOW (Mallary Hope)

8. A Billion Stars (One Sonic Society)

9. Tears (Matt Hammitt)

10. Can’t Live Without (Hollyn)

11. Throne Room (Kim Walker-Smith)

12. All That Matters (Colton Dixon)

13. Dimensions (We Are Leo)

14. Unstoppable (feat. Jordan Feliz) (Matty Mullins)

15. Closer (GAWVI)

16. I’m Still Here (Mandisa)

17. Run the Race (Holly Starr)

18. Child of Heaven (Calling Glory)

19. The Cross Has the Final Word (Cody Carnes)

20. Flaming Arrows (Carmen Justice)

So there it is, my favourite 20 songs within the period of January – March 2017. What are yours? Let us know in the comments. Til next time!

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