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Message Mondays: The Advent of Social Media

Yes, I know this is a topic that will surely unite of divide us, regardless of where we all sit in the spectrum of the issue, but nevertheless, the issue needs to be discussed. Now more than ever, social media and the consumption of it by the generation of tomorrow is more prevalent than ever. I see toddlers even now being inserted an iPad as a babysitter, I see young people with headphones on listening to music on their phone 24/7, I’ve even heard the effects of what Pokemon GO can do and how it stops traffic around the world, even leading people to undertake tasks that are dangerous, all in the name of receiving a few more Pokemon.

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Message Mondays: Building Up Our Kingdoms (Casting Crowns’ “American Dream”)

casting crowns

Welcome to another Message Mondays post (which was originally going to be a Throwback Tuesdays post- funny how God works and what He puts in your heart when you’re typing away!); this week we are delving into the topic of consumerism, trying to build our own kingdoms up, and what the Bible says about that (as a continuation of the TV show review of Selfie, which was about a young woman obsessed with improving her image for self-gain). I’ll also be linking that topic to probably one of the most confronting CCM songs over the past decade- “American Dream” by CCM/pop/rock 7-piece band Casting Crowns.

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Selfie (Pilot) – Preview




Premiere Date: September 30th 2014

Reviewed by: Joshua Andre

Selfie (Pilot)

Starring: Karen Gillan, John Cho, Tim Peper, Da’Vine Joy Randolph, Allyn Rachel, David Harewood, Amber Rose, Cam Cadell

What is one of the first things that most of us do when we wake up? I mean seriously… When all is said and done, when we open our eyes after 7-8 hours of sleep, many of us have a shower, eat breakfast, converse and interact with our family, but after that what is the thing that we turn to? That’s right, we turn to social media.

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