Message Mondays: The Advent of Social Media

Yes, I know this is a topic that will surely unite of divide us, regardless of where we all sit in the spectrum of the issue, but nevertheless, the issue needs to be discussed. Now more than ever, social media and the consumption of it by the generation of tomorrow is more prevalent than ever. I see toddlers even now being inserted an iPad as a babysitter, I see young people with headphones on listening to music on their phone 24/7, I’ve even heard the effects of what Pokemon GO can do and how it stops traffic around the world, even leading people to undertake tasks that are dangerous, all in the name of receiving a few more Pokemon.

The need to be liked, and to know how many people like our posts or retweet our statuses, or even how many friends we have on facebook, has led us all down the rabbit hole, to the point where we may even need external validation of who we are and our identity from the social media we consume.

Now here is where Zealand Worship come in. A band consisting of Phil Joel, ex-member of the Newsboys, and a few of his friends, started this band not too long ago. And while you say, ‘yes, I know, another band forming, what’s so special about this one?’ Well, to choose to create a band and have no digital footprint, and I mean, no social media interaction, is a steep feat let me tell you. For a band to say ‘I want to create a band, but I don’t want to be on social media throughout the creation and beyond’ is what I reckon would be a failed experiment. Nevertheless, it is an experiment nonetheless, and one that I reckon we all need to take hold of and maybe even apply to our own lives in various aspects that need addressing. Here in this video below, Phil speak to Michael Farren, ex-lead singer of Pocket Full of Rocks, as they discuss about social media, and how social media is affecting today’s generation.

So to finish the post, here is the video above, watch and see whether you need to curb your own usage of social media from here on end into the future. Enjoy watching. Here’s hoping God encourages our hearts as we realise that at times, maybe even most times, that social media and the presence of it can do more harm than good.

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