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Throwback Tuesdays (Matthew West- History)

matthew west- history

Considering that yesterday’s Message Mondays post was about Matthew West’s “Day One” and it is 2015 (ten years since Matthew West released his album History), I thought it would be fair and appropriate to discuss “History”, the title track off the 2005 album. If you haven’t heard of Matthew or his music, you’re in for a real treat. With songs like “You are Everything”, “Save a Place For Me”, “The Motions”, “Strong Enough”, “Hello My Name Is” and “More”, this singer/songwriter is perhaps one of the most underrated and overlooked, and in my opinion, in the same category lyric-wise as artists like Nichole Nordeman, Bebo Norman or Jason Gray.

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Message Mondays (Matthew West- Day One)

matthew west- day one

I know it’s been a while since 365 Days of Inspiring Media has posted any blogs within the last few months. The reason in itself will have to be reserved for another blog entirely, but let me say this. 2014 was an eventful year for myself- receiving my first full time paying job, starting up a website and everything else that comes with just growing up and being given responsibilities that come with the territory of stepping up and working in a job that I myself didn’t see myself in a year ago today. So what does 2015 hold for me? Personally, I’m not sure. Aside from work, very little free time, and the fact that I’m working in my family in a role that I’m thoroughly enjoying; life is good. And in this Message Mondays post, I’m discussing about Matthew West’s new song “Day One”, and that whatever state we are in at the beginning of the year doesn’t need to be defining of that year itself. That every day is a chance to wake up to a new day and start again, however in a rut we may be in.

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TV Thursdays: If We Lived our Life a Second Time, Would We Do Things Differently? (Being Erica)

being erica

Ever wondered how it would be if you lived your life again? Like for a second time, a do-over, a chance to start again? Regrets are common and universal to everyone. It’s something that people deal with, regardless of age, socioeconomic status, religion, morals, values, ethics, belief systems… you get my point.

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