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Sentimental Saturdays and Message Mondays (How Fast do we Consume Music?)

Gone are the days when you can appreciate music for what it really is- a song to be savoured, a song to be listened to again and again, with every listen a new meaning is imparted to whomever listens. With the advent of Spotify, youtube, iTunes, Amazon, Pandora and every other musical service at your fingertips, skipping songs seems to be the norm nowadays. Listening to a song to death, until another track comes along, seems to be all the rage, when in fact sometimes we are called to just sit and mull over a song more than usual. Often, we may be so hasty to move onto the next new song, that we may skip over things that God may even want to say to us. We may be in fact rushing so fast from one thing to the next (music is a clear example) that we may miss what God may have in store entirely. Which is why this new post for Sentimental Saturdays is about lament, lamenting that how we have listened to music in the past (really listening to the tracks, because without the ease of access of music, we are forced to focus on what the lyrics really mean for us as people) is sadly how listeners of music don’t listen to music now. We live in a now-centred (and me-centred) society, that any hint of anything taking longer than expected is shafted, for the new, quick and convenient.

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Sentimental Saturdays and Message Mondays (Media Can Influence Us More Than We Think)

It’s been a while since I’ve actually seen a movie. The last movie I saw was the remake of Annie, and the last movie I watched at the cinema was Guardians of the Galaxy. Since starting working full-time, I haven’t really been doing much of anything outside of work, as well as maintaining this site. Not that that is a bad thing, I really enjoy my work, yet it is on some of these days on the weekends when I become sentimental, and remember life as it once was. Rewind to ten years ago and I and my family were heavily invested in movies- often we’d travel to our local cinema a few times a year. While watching a movie as a family consisted more of watching and less of conversing and actually interacting, our times together watching a movie we all enjoyed is something that I cannot take for granted, especially now since movie-going is more of a luxury than ever.

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Sentimental Saturdays (Rebecca St. James)

Rebecca St. James

Throughout my childhood and into my teenage years, the music that I was exposed to was very limited. Aside from artists like Delirious?, Carman, Steven Curtis Chapman (in fact, I think Signs of Life was the first CD our family received- even before we had a CD player), Tim Hughes, Steve Grace and Planetshakers (their 2003 album Rain Down), our CCM albums/artists knowledge wasn’t to the point where you’d call us a fan of it. Nevertheless, a few WOW Hits albums purchases a few years later- WOW Hits 2005, 2006 and WOW Worship Aqua (fuelled by our enjoyment of WOW Hits 2004), we took the plunge and purchased our first CCM album by a female artist in 2006- Rebecca St. James’s 2005 album If I Had One Chance to Tell You Something.

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Worship Wednesdays: Introduction (Hillsong United’s “The Stand”)

worship wednesdays 21st May 2014

Hello everyone and welcome to Worship Wednesdays! I intend on covering any and all things Worship! For my first Worship Wednesday Post, I thought I would go with my all-time favorite worship song: “The Stand” by Hillsong United (now called United).

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