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Sentimental Saturdays (Rebecca St. James)

Rebecca St. James

Throughout my childhood and into my teenage years, the music that I was exposed to was very limited. Aside from artists like Delirious?, Carman, Steven Curtis Chapman (in fact, I think Signs of Life was the first CD our family received- even before we had a CD player), Tim Hughes, Steve Grace and Planetshakers (their 2003 album Rain Down), our CCM albums/artists knowledge wasn’t to the point where you’d call us a fan of it. Nevertheless, a few WOW Hits albums purchases a few years later- WOW Hits 2005, 2006 and WOW Worship Aqua (fuelled by our enjoyment of WOW Hits 2004), we took the plunge and purchased our first CCM album by a female artist in 2006- Rebecca St. James’s 2005 album If I Had One Chance to Tell You Something.

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