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Maybe it’s just me, but often I lay awake and sit and wonder whether all this Jesus stuff is worth it. Not to the point where I am questioning my faith, but at the same time, you can’t help but think that maybe, if you were born to a different family, on the other side of the world, or maybe just born different (a different gender perhaps), maybe what I believe will be different too. Just an initial thought process. But then the thoughts move away and one question remains- do I still believe in the saving work of Jesus Christ all those years ago? Do I believe He came to earth as a baby, lived among us for 30 years, ministered to the folk around the time, healed people and performed other miracles? Do I believe that He was crucified, ridiculed and made a mockery of, because He claimed to be God incarnate, and then three days later after Jesus died, He rose again, conquering the very thing He set out to do- vanquish death itself and an eternity of separation from Him? The very bold answer is this- yes, yes I do believe in the questions that was just put forward to me. And so if I do believe in Christianity, and the way of life as to follow the examples of Christ and to live as He did (though I know I’ll ultimately fail in this regard, because He is perfect, and I am not!), then I guess even if I did have a different family, even if I was on the other side of the world, even if I wasn’t born a man, I’m sure God would’ve seen my heart. He would’ve loved me just the same; and given me signs of His existence, and prompted me, wherever I was and whatever I looked like, to think of the deeper questions and to ask the metaphysical and spiritual things that people should be thinking and having a dialogue about.


Top Tens: Top 20 Inspirational Videos I Have Ever Seen!

The other day, I was writing my most recent blog of Flashback Fridays (about identity, self-worth and insecurities, linking it to MercyMe’s album Almost There), and while I was writing, I figured out that apart from one of the earlier Message Mondays posts last year about how God can use ‘mainstream music’ just as much as ‘Christian music’; I was in the midst of writing one of the most relevant, vulnerable, honest and inspirational blogs I had ever written. Yeah, I know that it’s a pretty big claim, but that’s what I was feeling and sensing from God at the time. That no matter how much time goes on, I will be always able to go back to this 10th blog in Flashback Fridays, and be inspired, no matter how I feel. Now to test that theory, I re-read this blog maybe about 5 times over in the span of the past few days, and I was still overwhelmed by the amount of rich truth I had revealed, that is so applicable now, and maybe will be so applicable later on in the future. More so than any other blog I have ever written, I was blown away by what I had written- it had to be God using me as a vessel, and His words through my fingers on the keyboard. I will ask the opinions of others close to me in the near future, about whether this was the most inspirational blog I have ever written, but I digress.

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