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What makes an artist influential, or even popular? That is the million dollar question, is it not? I know that we’ve posed this question many times throughout the past few years, and that we’ve added and subtracted artists to our ever-evolving influential artist list; based on the conclusions that we’ve drawn over the years. And so, I ask this question yet again, because… one more time can’t hurt, right? Is it the impact of the song that determines an artist’s longevity and legacy and standing in their career, or is it their songwriting ability? Is it the fact that an artist has blown up on social media and is using their platform for good away from the spotlight, or is it simply because their songs are connecting with listeners on a deep, personal, emotional and spiritual level even if their personal life is in ruins? Is an artist influential because they are so for their particular genre or time period, or is an artist influential because they are so across so many decades and for so many listeners across the board? Or are artists influential because they are not popular but rather unknown, but resonating to a specific group of people just because of one song or one album? What if I said that the answer to all of these questions is yes? Yes for all of them? Yes, an artist is influential for all of these reasons… that’s a lot of criteria, am I right? Confused with where I’m going? Don’t worry, all will make sense soon-ish…


Message Mondays (What is Love?)

Sometimes I often wonder what I have done to deserve the love given to me by my Father in Heaven. As a Christian we know that there is nothing we can do to earn God’s favour and glory, yet sometimes I do wonder. What would happen if at the end of the day, the love that we have been given isn’t as unconditional as we once thought it was? What if the love we have been given from the start was in fact love that was conditional? Because frankly when push comes to shove, we don’t deserve the love given to us by God. Truly, we don’t. All of our good works, deeds and loving acts of kindness are indeed overshadowed by all the pain, hurt, disappointment and of course hypocrisy that we have caused ourselves, our family and friends, and God Himself. So to think of all the mess and dirtiness, I will say this again- how can God love us that much to give His only Son as a ransom, so that we can come back to Him and accept His love in the form of a sacrifice, often at times on a daily basis?

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TV Thursdays: The Importance Of Family and Relationships (Packed To The Rafters, Switched At Birth, Parenthood)



packed to the rafters season 1

In my opinion, family and healthy relationships are probably one of the most important things in life. Family is something a person should be able to rely on, and can support you through thick and thin. Family should love you without condition, and always have your best interest at heart. Family sticks by you even when the world turns their back, and family never judges you, and helps you when you are down.

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The Voice’s Matthew Garwood – All I Ask Of You

the voice australia

It’s probably a fact that everyone knows, but The Voice is one of America’s most popular reality programs. Shown on NBC on Monday and Tuesday nights in the fall, in in its 7th season in the U.S; the show, where singers are judged initially solely on their voice rather than appearance as well; what you may not know is that it is extremely popular in Australia, where I am from, as well.

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X-Men: Days Of Future’s Past (Trailer)

x men days of future's past

This year I haven’t watched many movies. I think I reiterated in a previous review (for the God’s Not Dead soundtrack on CMZ) that recently I have tended to watch more TV shows, partially due to character development, and partially due to convenience.

Well now, this trailer of X-Men: Days Of Future Past, a direct sequel to both X-Men: First Class and X-Men: The Last Stand, is one film that I do not want to miss! Watch it here below.

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