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Do you think that it’s possible for an artist who has been around for a long time, who has had a ton of hits, and who has inspired and encouraged the hearts of many, to be only considered an influential artist- not now but 5-10 years into the future? Do you think that’s possible? Can an artist simply fly by relatively under the radar for quite a long while, unnoticed by the general public but then miraculously garner widespread and exponential acclaim and recognition, for whatever reason? Some may say no, and simply put, the artist I’m speaking about today has had plenty of hits and has been around since the turn of the century. Thus, you might tend to agree with most readers and listeners of music out there- that whom I am writing about should in fact be whom Jon is writing about instead. However I reckon this artist doesn’t fit in Jon’s category, and if you think about it, fits quite nicely in and amongst other artists like Tori Kelly, Lauren Daigle, Jess Glynne, Maren Morris, NF, Marc Martel, Colony House and Shawn Mendes to name a few. It might take convincing, maybe even convincing to the length of this entire blog, and maybe even longer than that; but Matthew West is sure to be an artist on everyone’s lips, if not by the time you finish reading this blog, then definitely by Valentine’s Day this year, when his brand new album Brand New releases. Are you sceptical? I mean, if Tenth Avenue North and For King and Country are present on Jon’s list, then surely Matthew’s discography deserves a place on “Most 100 Influential Artists of All Time” as opposed to ‘potentially being influential in the future’? Well to sway your scepticalness, read on- and to directly answer this question of why Matthew is in one list, while Tenth Avenue North and for KING & COUNTRY in another; let me first ask you all a question.


Worship Wednesdays (Matthew West- Hello My Name Is)

matthew west hello my name is

Worship songs don’t necessarily have to be songs sung on a Sunday morning. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the songs by Chris Tomlin, Phil Wickham, Bethel, Hillsong or any other artist that normally has church songs in circulation in every corner of the globe. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the songs everyone classifies as worship, even if you yourself identify more with pop/rock (or just rock) compared with the vertical praise melodies you often hear on millions of praise CD’s produced each year. Why? Because worship is a lifestyle, rather than a genre of music that producers, marketers and executives of the CCM industry make it out to be. Worship is laying down every part of ourselves as a living sacrifice before the Lord rather than a style of singing, or how we lift our hands to God every Sunday. Worship is how we live our lives as an act of serving to others rather than the correct words we use during song verses and choruses.

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Matthew West – Hello My Name Is

matthew west- hello my name is

The society that we are in can be a tricky one. Everywhere we go and everywhere we turn, there’s always something or someone telling us what we should and ought to be. We watch the television, read the newspaper, check out yahoo from time to time, and there right before us are stories of people who have been successful. There before us are ideal scenarios- that you’ll only be happy if you have this, or that, or move interstate, overseas, or whatever you want to place in the blank that says, you’ll only be happy if you have _____.

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