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Sentimental Saturdays- Things that Every Family Would Love to Do on the Weekends If Given the Chance

The weekend. The precious two days where every family would love to fit in as many activities as possible, to either keep the children happy, or nevertheless undertake activities that the whole family enjoys. Since working full-time in a role that requires me to work on weekends on a regular basis, this post in particular is a reminiscent one, as I remember all the activities my family used to undertake during these precious 48 hours, and how having those chances may or may not come again. Here are 10 of my favourite past-times that I used to do on either Saturday/Sunday in the past.

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Sentimental Saturdays (2 Disc DVD’s)


Can you remember a time when Blu Ray Discs didn’t exist? Anyone? Gee, I may be showing my age on this one, but there was in fact a time where Blu Ray discs weren’t available (yes- 10 years ago I think), and DVD’s were the crème of the crop. During the 2000s, when online viewing of movies wasn’t much of a craze, purchasing DVD’s was the way to go if you wanted to watch your favourite movie that you saw in the cinemas a few months prior. While prices of DVD’s have relatively stayed the same throughout the years; what has drastically changed has been the amount of bonus features on the DVD, and how many discs in the DVD package.

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Sentimental Saturdays (WOW Hits CD’s/DVDs)

wow hits 2004

WOW Hits- the series released each year amongst the CCM circle since 1996 that is becoming more and more of a hot-topic and one that clearly divides avid Christian music fans (myself included) as debates about song choices and artist inclusions/exclusions reign from year to year. Regardless of my objective opinions on WOW Hits, these albums always hold dear to my heart, with the very first WOW album I listened to, WOW Hits 2004, being a catalyst in me branching out in my listening of CCM music, when I heard the compilation in 2003. Receiving this album in the mail as a competition from Word Bookstores, I would say this album is my favourite in a sentimental sense. From artists like Newsboys, ZoeGirl, Third Day, Jaci Velasquez, and Nichole Nordeman, to Avalon, Mark Schultz, FFH, MercyMe and Jeremy Camp; the 2003 edition to the ‘best songs in Christian music’ was able to show me a world of Christian music I hardly knew at that point in time. In 2006 I bought WOW Hits 2006 and WOW Hits 2005 from Koorong, and since then my love for WOW Hits hasn’t wavered.

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Sentimental Saturdays: Video Stores

video stores

Who remembers video stores? You know, the stores that stock new release videos tapes (the ones that are clunky and take up heaps of space in your cabinet) and DVD’s? The ones where you travel to on a Friday night and hire movies for a few days (or a week) and you and a group of friends watch (or even binge-watch) movies from 6pm til the wee hours of the next morning?

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