Sentimental Saturdays (2 Disc DVD’s)


Can you remember a time when Blu Ray Discs didn’t exist? Anyone? Gee, I may be showing my age on this one, but there was in fact a time where Blu Ray discs weren’t available (yes- 10 years ago I think), and DVD’s were the crème of the crop. During the 2000s, when online viewing of movies wasn’t much of a craze, purchasing DVD’s was the way to go if you wanted to watch your favourite movie that you saw in the cinemas a few months prior. While prices of DVD’s have relatively stayed the same throughout the years; what has drastically changed has been the amount of bonus features on the DVD, and how many discs in the DVD package.

Yes, there was in fact a time when DVD’s were 2 discs and a wide array of bonus material were spread across the discs for the viewer’s enjoyable experience. It was a time where DVD’s weren’t as priced as high as they are now, and within our household, it was a time where we didn’t worry- about when DVD’s released, when movies were available online for viewing pleasure, or even how much DVD’s cost. Back then, things were simple- we didn’t really compare price-wise (because during that time, JB Hi Fi and its low prices didn’t exist in our local Westfield shopping store), and we enjoyed just buying a DVD because we could. With the loss of bonus features and the rise of Blu-Ray alternatives, our DVD purchasing choices have become more conscious- which can be a good and bad thing both at once.

Both my brother and I have since moved on to enjoy a wide array of TV series, and felt that purchasing these types of DVD’s were much more worthwhile than buying a movie that you’d probably only watch once in your life. Not that our love for movies have diminished- it has just been hard to keep up with the amount of movies out there, and then realise that much of the DVD’s being sold are just the feature film- which could be easily enjoyed when you watch it online via whatever streaming service you prefer. Technology has changed, and frankly, the rise of Blu-Ray, the poor pricing and the lack of bonus features on DVD’s have also shifted my purchasing preferences.

Even though my family and I hardly purchase any movie DVD’s currently, we have still thoroughly enjoyed movies from time to time (even though my priority has been TV shows currently). While I still wonder what it could’ve been if DVD’s were competitive against the Blu Ray competition, I have thoroughly enjoyed the time which was my teenage years where purchasing movie DVD’s was a fun experience, rather than now a bore and a chore if you have to consider price and amount of bonus features as major factors.

How has the disappearance of bonus features on movie DVD’s, affected your purchasing of them? Have you bought into the craze of Blu Ray players and discs yet? What do you think will be the future of movie watching technology after online viewing? Do you think we are too dismissive of the current thing we have now in favour of the new hip thing that is coming (VHS v DVD’s, DVD’s v Blu Ray)? How can we as a society make sure we consume less and enjoy the movie experience more? Let us know in the comments. Until next time. Enjoy your weekend!

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