Cimorelli – Move On (Single)

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Release Date: September 30th 2022

Reviewed by: Jonathan Andre

CimorelliMove On (Single) (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. Move On

We’ve listened to a lot of Cimorelli over the years. And if you’ve been perusing our site for quite some time, you would’ve noticed how much this band has influenced our love of girl groups, mainstream music, and the rest of it. And if it had been one band/solo artist to have influenced me, in terms of the music diversity and variety that I’ve listened to recently and of late, then I reckon it would be Cimorelli. As much as artists like Carman and Delirious? solidified my faith when I was younger, and how artists like Steven Curtis Chapman, Tim Hughes, Matt Redman, Steve Grace, Newsboys, Rebecca St. James, and Michael W. Smith, all were instrumental in challenging my own perception of how CCM looked like and how widely unique the whole Christian music genre really was, I think it was this sister group from California that really reminded us that it’s ok to enjoy and love mainstream pop music, while still maintaining a personal faith, and enjoying Christian music as well.

If you want to know our own journey that we as brothers had, during the days when we explored Cimorelli and their music all those years ago; check out my blog that I wrote about Cimorelli back in March of 2021, where I discussed the band’s importance, influence, and necessity in a music industry that is ever changing. For a band to start off on youtube; and gain a following and succeed from the digital space, is something unique and profound- yes, they did have their record label stint from 2011 – 2015, but all in all, Cimorelli are an independent band. With the sister group releasing inspirational and heartfelt videos every Saturday, they also are involved with a podcast (The Cimorelli Podcast), while also giving fans a closer inside look at the band through memberships tiers via patreon. With that all being said, this group is still on the rise- with these sisters ranging in age from 32 – 24, sky is definitely the limit for these girls.

If you haven’t really listened to the band, then I reckon you ought to start off with albums like Up At Night or Alive. If you are all across this powerful sister-group, then you, like me, were excited when the band announced new material this year…in effect, it’s been 5 years (since Sad Girls Club) since the band has unveiled new originally written music (not including the lone 2020 single ‘I Am Enough’, or the 2019 song ‘Believe in You’). My brother recently reviewed ‘Kills Me Just The Same’ and ‘You Don’t Miss Me At All’, and now in October 2022, we’re in for another new-ish song, with the song ‘Move On’, originally written and recorded acoustically as part of their 2015 mixtape Hearts on Fire, but is now re-recorded again in a new-and-improved studio version, unveiled at the end of September 2022. Maybe more re-recordings from their 2015 mixtape, in the near future?

Call it what you like, whether it’s the Lord’s Spirit on this song, or some other divine intervention, but what I do know is this- ‘Move On’ is a great song to hear if you want to be reminded that you’re not alone in how you are feeling, and if it’s a romantic relationship or even a friendship that you feel as though you can’t ‘move on’ from, for whatever reason, know that you’re not alone in your plight. And it’s not necessarily your fault for feeling that way, as well. A song that was originally written and recorded way back in 2015 (as it first appeared on the band’s 2015 mixtape Hearts on Fire), it’s completely redone here, as Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy and Lauren passionately sing out these lyrics with such enthusiasm, fervent poignancy, and heartfelt emotion; as we see in this song, a persona who can’t move on from…a relationship gone sour? A friendship that’s seemingly on the rocks? Whether the song can either be seen in a romantic sense or even a platonic friendship sense, is what makes this song all the more applicable, to anyone’s situation. I know in my own life, there’s friendships that have stood the test of time, and there are others that have just stopped and fizzled, for whatever reason. Yes, there’s been times when I’ve ‘moved on’ quickly, and then there’s other times, when I’ve pondered and thought about the situation a little more. What would’ve happened if I did this, or I didn’t do that? Cimorelli have undoubtedly challenged us all for the better, with a song like ‘Move On’ that allows the listener to acknowledge their own feelings about how there are just some friendships and relationship that just end…and moving on, well, in those cases, it can only happen through the grace and power of Christ our Lord, right? Well done Cimorelli for this compelling and thought-provoking song. Can’t wait for a full length album to occur in the near future, whenever that may be.

Score: 5/5

RIYL: BarlowGirl, Rachel Platten, 1GN, Carmen Justice, Jamie Grace, Royal Tailor, Britt Nicole, Taylor Swift, Alessia Cara

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