Britt Nicole – The Remixes


Capitol Christian Music Group

Release Date: March 17th 2015

Reviewed by: Micah Garnett

Britt Nicole– The Remixes (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. Ready or Not (PHENOMENON Remix by Soul Glow Activatur feat. Lecrae)
  2. The Lost Get Found (Neon Feather Remix)
  3. Amazing Life (Capital Kings Remix)
  4. Like a Star (MyKidBrother Remix)
  5. All This Time (PRO_FITT Remix)
  6. Walk on the Water (PHENOMENON Remix by Soul Glow Activatur)
  7. Set the World on Fire (Neon Feather Remix)
  8. Glow (JSapp Remix)
  9. Holiday (MyKidBrother Remix)
  10. Gold (Lark Remix)
  11. The Sun is Rising (Horizon Remix)
  12. Gold (Jason Nevins Rhythmic Remix)

Remixes are polarizing things. To some, they are bland rehashes of previous material; for others they can make this fan-favorite material feel new and fresh. After some mainstream breakout success, Britt Nicole is here with her first remix album to tide us over until her next full length album releases later this year.

The Remixes features an impressive roster of collaborators, including Soul Glow Activatur and Capital Kings. The track list is just as impressive, spanning all three of Britt Nicole’s albums. This is a testament to how deep Britt’s work has been throughout her career. While the remixes don’t do much to differentiate themselves from the original tracks, the songs do have a different atmospheric ambiance that separates them from the originals. “The Lost Get Found”, one of Britt’s strongest songs to date, is given a moody dance makeover, and is one of the stronger remixes on the album. Soul Glow Activatur contributes his talents as a producer with two remixes: “Ready or Not” and “Walk on the Water”.

“Like A Star” is the most drastically changed song and, as a result, is also my favorite. The sudden unexpected twists and turns make the song feel completely different than the original, and might even better. “All This Time” also changes things up enough to set it apart from the rest of the collection. One of the biggest surprises is “Holiday” which is given a hip-hop beat complete with an epic bass drop.

The only real disappointment is the return of Capital King’s “Amazing Life” remix and Jason Nevin’s “Gold” remix, both of which were previously released and weren’t that great in the first place. It’s a minor gripe on an otherwards outstanding remix album. The pristine production doesn’t detract from Britt’s natural talent and versatility, but instead enhances it. Props to Britt and everyone involved on releasing a fun album to get us ready for summer, and eventually Britt’s new album. We can’t wait.

3 songs to listen to: Like a Star, All This Time, Holiday

Score: 4/5

RIYL: Capital Kings, Moriah Peters, Christina Grimmie

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