Sunday News Roundup (22nd December 2014-4th January 2015)


Here’s the next instalment of “Sunday News Roundup”. Though it’s a bit late by a couple of days, check out the past two weeks of news, from 22nd December 2014 til 4th January 2015 (which is not that much compared to other times due to the holidays!). Enjoy reading the scoop on the latest news, and be sure to check out Sunday News Roundup again on a weekly basis next week!

  • Jesus Freak Hideout, one of today’s most popular music review sites, have unveiled their top ten Christian albums of 2014, take a look! There is also another blog about the best albums of the year as well!
  • Want to know the top ten most watched K-Love videos of 2014? Then check out the link here, as well as the 100 most requested songs on K-Love! Who’s a fan of the popular CCM radio station?
  • Time for album updates and announcements on other releases! You can pre-order Andrew Peterson’s new book here, and you can also listen to Mat Kearney’s new single “One Black Sheep” as well! Needtobreathe have unveiled their newest radio single “More Heart Less Attack”, while Aaron Gillespie has released his new album on iTunes pre-order; and Christafari’s Christmas album is on Noisetrade. Kevin Max has given us an extensive update on his new release Broken Temples while there are also new releases from Lexi Elisha (new single on Noisetrade) and Elizabeth South (A Disney covers album). Many CCM greats, veterans, up and coming artists and legends also united to record a special event CD/DVD celebrating the past 40 years- and this project will be released sometime in 2015; are you excited for it?
  • Music Video Time! Check out videos from Elizabeth South (Disney Medley), Lexi Elisha (Hallelujah King), The Era (The Christmas Song), Luke Hellebronth (O My Soul Emmanuel), Lights Go Down (Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas), Kelsi Craig (Heartbeat), Future Of Forestry (Do You Hear What I Hear), Remedy Drive (Commodity Acoustic), Lecrae (Messengers), Love Collide (Rave), Beckah Shae (Heartbeat), and JJ Heller (This Year Acoustic); which video do you enjoy the most!
  • It’s time to read more TV/movie news! In first season shows/concept developments; Mike Colter has joined the cast of Jessica Jones. The Flash and Jane The Virgin have both reportedly been renewed, while the CW is developing a new musical drama. There are massive casting changes for the CBS show Extant in its second season, and you can also read more spoilers for Once Upon A Time Season 4B! You can also watch a 20 minute sneak peek of the pilot episode of the MTV show Eye Candy here! The trailers for movies Ant Man and True Story, and the TV show The Slap, have premiered, and you can also view January premiere dates of TV shows, as well as info about cable TV shows for 2015! Plenty of TV/movie news- which are you most excited for?
  • A remix for Colony House has surfaced online, for their song “Silhouettes”, check it out! Speaking about remixes, check out David Thulin’s song “”Kings Show Abandon” featuring dcTalk! What do you think of these ‘songs’?
  • Want to bake with 1 Girl Nation? Then look no further, and watch this video! And pick up Cinema on April 7th!
  • Heather Schnoor has unveiled her version of “Silent Night”, and Hawk Nelson has released their new single “Drops In The Ocean”, what do you think of the songs?
  • A new Louie Giglio talk? Yes please! Check out this preview of Winsome! The preview is around 20 minutes- and the full length talk releases in March this year! Are you excited?
  • Manic Drive have a new single called “Good News”, what do you think of the song?
  • Kevin Max has released three interviews with Breathecast, about his new album Broken Temples; check out the instalments here, here and here! What do you think of these revealing insights?
  • Lecare’s Anomaly broke all sorts of records last year; check out this article about the album being one of last year’s top hip hop albums!
  • Matthew West is releasing his new single “Day One” on January 13th to iTunes, and his lyric video as well, who’s excited to hear his new song, from his untitled 2015 album?
  • Phillips Craig And Dean have a new single called “High Above It All”; check out the song story here!
  • The Sonflowerz have released a new blog about their favourite albums from 2014; what do you think of the blog?
  • Bluetree have released a new video about their rendition of the Christmas Story; what do you think of the video?

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